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Who Uses Lulu?

8 min read  There’s an obvious answer: anyone who needs to print a book! Right? Because that’s what Lulu does. We print and ship custom made books. Simple. Of course, I wouldn’t be dedicating an entire blog post to anything so obvious…. Continue Reading →

Author Sylvia Inks: Publishing Project Planning

1 min readLast week, author Sylvia Inks dropped by the Lulu office to talk about her experience writing and self-publishing her book “Small Business Finance for the Busy Entrepreneur: Blueprint for Building a Solid Profitable Business.” Her book includes 21 tips for… Continue Reading →

You Are Why We Do What We Do

2 min readMost days our support team members answer questions about how to publish books and ebooks, track down late deliveries, and help people order books. Occasionally, we receive letters like this one, that remind us we are not just printing and… Continue Reading →

PR Part I: Ready, Set, Press Release!

4 min readRALEIGH, NC – September 13, 2016 – Lulu, the pioneer and world leader in independent publishing, announced today that all authors should launch their new books with a well-crafted press release. “It’s your story and you should be the person… Continue Reading →

Driving Online Traffic and Book Sales

2 min readIn previous articles we have discussed the two the key components of marketing your book (knowing your audience and knowing your book). Now we can talk about how to drive sales through the use of marketing tactics, which is a… Continue Reading →

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