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The Ultimate Guide to InDesign for Authors (Part 2)

10 min readLearn the basics to importing and laying out your book using InDesign

The Ultimate Guide to InDesign for Authors (Part 1)

10 min readLearn the basics to importing and laying out your book using InDesign

5 Tips for Editing your Manuscript

13 min read  If you’re a writer anything like myself, you’ve got a handful of manuscripts finished, languishing in desk drawers, or in your Dropbox gathering virtual dust. I love to write, but I am not as excited about editing. So a… Continue Reading →

The 6 DIY Cover Tips You Need for Your Book

11 min readPoll veterans of self-publishing, and you’ll likely hear the same advice from all of them: get an editor and get a professional cover designer. There are many factors to consider, but if you’re an author with aspirations for your book,… Continue Reading →

Writer’s Toolbox: Evernote

9 min readEvernote is a powerful note taking and organizational tool. It features a simple and easy to use word processor, but you shouldn’t begin using Evernote with the idea that you’ll craft an entire manuscript using this software. Instead, think of… Continue Reading →

Overcoming Adversity: Publishing to Succeed

4 min readHow do you do it? This is the most common question I’m asked when people learn my story for the first time.  How do you juggle being an international author and self-promoter, all while traveling for book signings, raising four… Continue Reading →

Writing Toolbox: Scrivener

7 min readScrivener is a writing-focused tool developed by Literature & Latte. One may question the usefulness of having a dedicated writing tool when Microsoft Word is a perfectly serviceable word processor and features all the layout and design tools you’ll need… Continue Reading →

Selling Your Brand: Author Website

5 min readIndependent publishing demands an effort on the author’s part to self-promote. The task may seem daunting, as many of the tasks involved in self-publishing can, but thanks to the power of the Internet, you can promote yourself online with minimal… Continue Reading →

Keep Coloring – Self-publishing your own Coloring Book

2 min readSummer may be upon us, but we can’t spend every day this summer frolicking on the beach! If you need a great way to stay entertained (or keep some little ones entertained), why not a custom coloring book? We posted… Continue Reading →

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