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How to create the BEST book trailer, EVER. (seriously.)

Book trailers. You’ve seen ‘em and thought to yourself, “I could do that.” Perhaps you thought “I could do that better!” I’m here to tell you how!

  • First, write a book. This is the most difficult part of creating a book trailer. Once you’ve got that down, you are almost finished.
  • Publish your book on This is imperative and will ensure that your book trailer will better than everyone else’s.
  • Be creative. Some book trailers have narrators explaining what the book is about, some book trailers are just words on the screen describing the book. I say make it interesting. You are obviously a creative person, you wrote a book! Use your imagination. Try asking some friends to act out an important scene in your book or maybe explain why people should buy your book using interpretive dance. What ever you do, be creative.

Avoid the book trailer pitfalls of despair: