Bookend Your Book: Front Matter and Back Matter

2 min readBooks consist of many components, all of them important when creating a full, complete, and professional work. One of these components that often causes self-published authors pause is the Front Matter and Back Matter. While these components are in two… Continue Reading →

Selling Your Book – Synopsis

4 min readSynopsis – a brief summary or general survey of something. Might seem like a simple thing. You wrote an entire book! Now all you have to do is write summary of said book.  Should be no problem, right? Well, not… Continue Reading →

Common Grammar Mistakes

3 min readWe all make mistakes. That’s what first drafts are for (and second…and third). Being a self-published author, you might not have the desire or the resources to hire a professional editor or proofreader, so you’ll have to comb through the… Continue Reading →

Pre-Publishing Checklist

2 min readWriting a book is hard work. We appreciate just how challenging and time consuming it is to outline, draft, revise, redraft, edit, proof, finalize, and in the end produce a manuscript ready for publication. And once you’ve finally gotten to… Continue Reading →

2017 Book Expo America and Book Con

2 min readIt’s that time of year again! Book Expo America and Book Con are coming to New York City May 31 through June 2. Come out and get serious about your publishing with a variety of other authors, readers, publishers, and… Continue Reading →

Top ten errors writers make that editors hate

5 min readHelga Schier, independent writing and publishing consultant and founder of Withpenandpaper.com, recently gave a brilliant presentation at the Writer’s Digest Conference covering the trials and tribulations of book editors.  More specifically, she eloquently and succinctly outlined a list of the… Continue Reading →

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