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Email Marketing for Authors

8 min read

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How many emails do you think you get a day? Dozens? Hundreds? Looking at your inbox can be overwhelming. Despite the sheer volume of emails sent a day, using email to reach customers is a tried and true means to connect and make more sales.

The “noise” of social media can make it hard to appreciate, but there are nearly three times as many email accounts active as Facebook and Twitter accounts combined. An email will continue to be the most important way you connect with your readers and convert potential readers into customers. Now, before we get into the nuts and bolts of email marketing, remember that no one strategy is perfect or the only answer. Even if you finish this article and have a new urge to emphasize email marketing, you cannot eschew other marketing efforts. Social media might reach fewer users individually, but the exposure from social media means you still have to engage with your audience on platforms like Facebook.

Email has a very specific and potent use in your marketing scheme: email is where you can make a personal case for your book, where you can “get in the door” and get an individual’s attention, even if it’s only for a matter of seconds.

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Email Marketing 101: Making the Most of Seasonal Sales

2 min read

Let’s try out a few seasonal metaphors for your email marketing efforts…

Stuff your readers’ stockings with email! Deck the halls with deals on eBooks! Pass the turkey and mashed potatoes… and… strategically develop an email marketing plan that takes advantage of’s sales and special offers…

Okay, so that last one doesn’t really flow. But – it’s good advice all the same. Email marketing that coincides with Lulu’s impressive special offers is the next best thing to having your books carried right down your readers’ chimneys.

What’s so great about it? For starters, email marketing works. Social media may seem the savvier approach, but email is roughly six times more effective at bringing in new buyers than Facebook and Twitter. Email gives you a great platform for sharing special offers and introducing new books, without your carefully crafted content getting lost in the endless scroll of tweets and status updates.

And it’s simple. We were recently inspired to share a template with you based on an email from one of our authors to his reader base. So, you can take what’s below based on an offer we currently have running – and be sure to get the email out soon.


Email Subject Line: Get <Book Title> for 35% Off

Email Body:

Have you ordered a printed copy of <book title> yet? <Placeholder for one line description of title> If you haven’t placed your order already, then today is the day to do it.

Until December 3, you can save 35% by checking out with code WQT32 on Simply visit the link: <Placeholder for link to book>, add it to your cart and apply the code at checkout to have your discount applied.

Plus, you can grab copies at a great deal to share with friends and family.

Grab a copy today! <Link to book>

<Author name>


See? Simple. You can highlight the current savings, briefly describe the book, and gives easy instructions. It’s low-pressure, good-natured, informative and brief. You can even provide a link right to your Author Spotlight and save your readers from searching.

And, though we are currently entering the season of sharing and shopping, this strategy works year-round. At, we’re always looking for ways to promote you and sell your books. Whenever we have a sale — seasonal or otherwise — send out an email blast letting everyone know. After all, ‘tis always the season for reading!

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