Fun Ways to Improve Your Next Book Pt. 1

1 min readOkay, so you’ve published your first book on Lulu.com. Now what? Keep writing, that’s what! You want to keep exercising that writing muscle, and anyway, what’s cooler than saying you’re working on your second book? Here are some fun ways… Continue Reading →

Lulu to Create a New Standard in Publishing Commerce

2 min readAt Lulu, we stop at nothing to help you bring your knowledge and ideas to your readers more easily than ever before.  For us the formula is simple:  the better the tools and resources that power Lulu, the quicker you… Continue Reading →

The Telepathy Standard

1 min readOnce upon a time, there was a clear distinction between author and publisher.  Despite everyone’s knowledge and expertise, not everyone had access to the tools and resources necessary to make content public. Publishing was a closed system. Now, thanks to… Continue Reading →

iPad 2 Means More Readers for You

2 min readWe love technology at Lulu, especially technology that helps our authors reach more readers. Today, Apple is set to unveil the new iPad after the first version shattered sales records (15 million units sold in 2010) and introduced a new… Continue Reading →

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

1 min readThis year, take some of the burden off Santa, but using Lulu shipping. asdf Here’s the list of holiday shipping deadlines by region. Click the tab for your region of the globe and compare the deadlines for each ship method and… Continue Reading →

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