The Rise of “New Adult” Fiction

2 min readIt’s everywhere you look — media about young people in their 20s, trying to figure things out. It’s on HBO, it’s in film, it’s definitely in the blogosphere (it’s also the writer of this blog post, obviously). “Millenials,” as they’re… Continue Reading →

Fact-Checking Your Book

2 min readWith the precipitous fall of the New Yorker‘s Jonah Lehrer, whose books and articles were riddled with inaccuracies, it’s clear that a quick way to ruin your career as a writer is to pass off fiction as fact. But as… Continue Reading →

Vampire Diaries Author Loses Rights to her Book

1 min readIf you think writing a series of acclaimed supernatural thrillers, which get made into a successful television show and sell thousands of books, would be considered a job well done, think again. Publisher HarperCollins removed LJ Smith, author of The… Continue Reading →

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