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The Lulu Demo

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As a Lulu employee, I frequently find myself explaining to relatives, neighbors and new acquaintances exactly what it is that Lulu does. I usually say things like “We’re a company that enables you to print books on demand.” I tell people that we don’t read every book that’s submitted to our site because our Oompa-Loompas have an aversion to anything that doesn’t rhyme. If you want your book in the Library of Congress, then you can purchase an ISBN and fill out a participation application. It’s an easy way to make conversation, talking about your job.

But sometimes, people forget what they hear. Or they visit our site without talking to me first. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to create the Lulu Demo. It’s an animated, narrated description of how Lulu’s marketplace enables you to Create, Sell and Buy user-generated content. It also delves into our other services, and our strong user community. It’s like having me at your party, except that your snacks won’t disappear.

The Lulu demo screenshot