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Focus: Spring Gardening

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Spring has certainly sprung around Raleigh, NC. In fact, it’s sprung so much that everything outside is covered in a beautiful yellow coat of pollen. I’m certain that those with allergies are doing their best to keep their windows closed and stay inside, but I personally cannot spend enough time in my new garden. Because I have the opposite of a green thumb, whatever color thumb that may be, and I am certain to be the cause of any nightmares my houseplants may have (if that’s possible), I’ve decided that it would be best to get some gardening advice from my fellow Lulus. In case you are looking forward to playing in the dirt, too, I thought I’d share some of the great Gardening Books I’ve found on Lulu!

Growing Points

Growing Points
by Colorado Master Gardeners El Paso County
For many years as part of the Colorado State University Extension, Colorado Master Gardeners in El Paso County have enriched the local gardening landscape with research-based writings and stories from their personal experience. Here you will find this eclectic collection in one place, sorted by general topic, and written in tones from humorous to “no nonsense.”

Organic Gardening - A Way of Life- Inspiration and Instructions for Starting Your Own Organic GardenOrganic Gardening – A Way of Life: Inspiration and Instructions for Starting Your Own Organic Garden
by Barbara Hardy, Julia Anne Lis
Organic Gardening – A Way of Life provides instructions and inspiration for planning, growing and harvesting your own organic vegetables, fruits and herb. It also includes time tested recipes and instruction for canning and freezing the produce you raise.

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