Common Grammar Mistakes

3 min readWe all make mistakes. That’s what first drafts are for (and second…and third). Being a self-published author, you might not have the desire or the resources to hire a professional editor or proofreader, so you’ll have to comb through the… Continue Reading →

6 More Grammar Mistakes Writers Need to Avoid

3 min readThere have been a lot of great showdowns throughout history: David vs Goliath, Yankees vs Red Sox, and…To vs Too? We’re back with more simple grammar mistakes you should never make in your writing, featuring a whole host of matchups… Continue Reading →

7 Simple Grammar Mistakes You Should Never Make

3 min readThere’s no easier way to lose readers – and sales – than by publishing a book full of simple mistakes. After all, if you don’t care enough to catch basic errors, why should readers care about your book? Spellcheck can… Continue Reading →

Top Web Resources for Writers (Part 1)

3 min readThere’s a reason why the Internet was called the “information superhighway” in the 1990s. Although the term itself is somewhat out of date, the significance is not. Today’s search engines pull up thousands of web pages in seconds, so which… Continue Reading →

We Hereby Proclaim…

1 min read

A Gift from Our Grammar Geeks

1 min readThere, their and they’re… it’s almost as intimidating as lions, tigers and bears! But no worries – Lulu to the rescue! Consider this poster a gift for our lovely writers. It’s just a few helpful grammar reminders. A Gift from… Continue Reading →

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