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Don’t Lift That Heavy File on Your Own – Use FTP to Help!

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When creating your project, are you worried the file is becoming too big to be uploaded the normal way using our uploading process? You may not know this already but we offer alternatives to help get your file successfully on Lulu.

If you are working with a document that you can break into smaller files, you can easily upload them separately and then select them in the right order when going through the publishing wizard.

If you’re not interested in doing that or sure that you will miss a critical file out of your smaller files, there is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) uploading.

Uploading large (and heavy) content to Lulu

An alternative to the normal uploading process in the publishing wizard is to connect to Lulu via our FTP site using an FTP client.

What do I need to know before using FTP to upload to Lulu:
You may use an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client to:

  • Upload files between 200MB and 2GB
  • Resume incomplete uploads
  • Upload large batches of files to My Files.

**We recommend that you do not use a web browser to connect to your FTP upload directory as this can cause authentication failures.**

Where to download FTP Clients:
FileZilla: (Good for all platforms)
SmartFTP: (Windows)

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