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What’s your M.O.? Our very own Sarah Gilbert was featured on M.O. this week. She talks about some of the most meaningful books she’s worked on during her time here at Lulu. She also talks about seeing the rise of eBooks firsthand and what “a day in the life” of a Lulu is like. Help us vote Sarah’s interview up to the top. Just click on the badge above to read the interview and vote for Sarah!

Guest Author Blog: John Edgar Wideman

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Today, Lulu is proud to welcome John Edgar Wideman to Lulu and pleased to present a very special guest author blog. Mr. Wideman chose Lulu after a distinguished career of 40+ years in the traditional publishing industry for many reasons, among them his desire to connect more intimately with his readers and to embrace the opportunity our platform provides for creators to retain complete control over their work. For Mr. Wideman, who has never used a computer, venturing into online publishing and the blogoshpere is an intimidating but exciting event! He’s eager to kick off a conversation with the Lulu community by sharing an introduction to his new work, and asks for your patience as he learns to respond and engage in a brand new forum.

JohnWideman_newBriefly, since these remarks introduce a book titled Briefs, I’d like to share a few thoughts about why and how I’ve been working the past three years on a volume of very short stories. My first novel was published in 1967 and I’ve been in print since, so my writing career’s far from brief, but brief an accurate, merciful word to describe a parcel of time which has rushed past so swiftly, stealthily, brutally, it feels some days like I just got here and it’s nearly time to go already. The micro-fictions in my collection are about losing time, saving time, enduring time, fearing and escaping time.

About the ubiquitous, silent pulse of time and how people learn to dance to it or not, to stumble through or find themselves graced by time or ignored or get their asses kicked.

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Lulu in Sixty

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Lulu TV

Lulu wants to hear from you, and see you, too!

As much as we would love to pack up our camera equipment, get in the car, and stop by your house, we just can’t. Gas prices are too high, and who would run the blog while we were gone?

That’s why we’re asking you to come to us, or more precisely, to our blog. If you have created a product on Lulu, make a video telling us about it. Be creative, be inventive, but please, keep it clean. And not too long—thus Lulu in Sixty, like seconds. Our assembled team of expert bloggers will pick the ones that make us laugh, cry, or just scratch our heads, and post them on the blog!

Here are a few questions to get you started:

• Tell us about yourself and your Lulu project

• What inspired you to create your project? [And/or] How did you first become interested in the subject of your project?

• How does Lulu make possible for you what previously might have been impossible/very difficult?

• Are there any colorful, unusual/offbeat, surprising, amusing details, facts or stories?

• Fill in the blank: One thing that few people know about me is ________________.

• What do you do to bring out your inner muse?

• If you were being sent to a deserted island, what three things would you take with you?

Send us a link to your video to

Enough blogging for now, let’s start vlogging!