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Great Gift Ideas for “That Guy ”

At one time or another, we’ve all come across “that guy.”  You know, the guy who tries to check out in the 15 items or less lane with at least 30 things in his cart.  Or the guy who tries to beat the read light, only to clog up the intersection – leaving you stuck at a green light.

Of course if you’re anything like me, you may have been “that guy” more times than you care to admit.  You may also be in the position of having “that guy” on your holiday shopping list this year.

You really like “that guy.”  After all, he’s most likely family or a very close friend.  You want to see him shed his misguided ways in time for the New Year.  So this begs the question:  what do you get “that guy” for the holidays?

Here are a few gift ideas I came up with, right here on

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Focus: Books That’ll Make You Grin

Working at Lulu can introduce a person to tons of new books and authors, as you’d probably imagine.  Since I have been here, I have hoarded some of my favorites from the rest of the office at my desk.  They are the ones that have caught my eye walking by as they peek out from our bookshelves. Some are about music, some about food, but mostly, ones that make me laugh.  Below are just a few recommendations for anyone looking for a grin.



Never Iron When Your Are Naked
by Trevor Perry

Advice your mother should have given you, but never did. Trevor Perry has a gift for taking the complicated things in life and turning them into good advice.  While ironing naked may be dangerous, Perry also reminds us to live with passion, to laugh often, and to constantly stand in awe of life itself.



The Things Your Don’t Know You Don’t Know
by Harland Williams

Get ready to laugh yourself silly, scratch your head in wonder, and perhaps even cry as you delve into the hilarious and often bizarre mind of renowned actor/comedian Harland Williams.  Here, Williams shares his ridiculous and sometimes poignant observations on…well…everything. Some are things you may have overlooked, others you just not have cared to notice.  But with Williams unique spin on life and the things we interact with, you’ll start second guessing how you take things in.



The Torture Device Coloring Book
by Erik Ruhling

You might feel slightly guilty as you snicker at this coloring book clearly not intended for children.  This coloring book’s irreverent humor is reminiscent of artwork by one of my favorite artists Brandon Bird. In Ruhling’s book, colorers can explore all sorts of historical torture devices, each with an accompanying rhyme. Stay within the lines or you will be punished.