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Write to Write. Edit to Perfect. Format to Publish.

3 min readWriting your story, whether it’s a work of the wildest fiction, historic non-fiction or an educational text, is a tremendous investment of time and energy. Just compiling and organizing your thoughts, carefully linking together words and phrases, and fastidiously editing… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Gift: Personalized Hardcover Editions

2 min readCome a little closer. I have a confession to make. I may appear to have it all together during the holidays, but as a “people pleaser” from way back, I stress over every single holiday gift purchase. Do I really… Continue Reading →

10 Quotes to Spark Your Writing

2 min readWriting can often feel like a solitary endeavor: you sit down at your computer or notepad, take a sip of your coffee, and do your best to shut out the rest of the world as you put words to paper…. Continue Reading →

World Diabetes Day

2 min readDid you know that roughly 10% of the U.S. population has diabetes? It is the seventh leading cause of death in the country, with the total number of deaths from diabetes projected to rise by more than 50% in the… Continue Reading →

The Modern Poet

2 min readIt’s National Poetry Month and in conjunction with Poets.org, we are celebrating the works and contributions of poets from all over the world.  Check out all of the happenings here. Poets face an interesting dilemma in the contemporary publishing field… Continue Reading →

Need Some Publishing Help?

1 min readThe Lulu help section has been updated with quite a few new entries. As Nick mentioned, there are now a number of great video tutorials that will help you get through the publishing process, but we’ve also added a lot… Continue Reading →

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