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Best Gifts 2016: Memory Books


I won Christmas with this memory book.

I know, I hear you.

“One holiday at a time please.”

“Christmas is still 6 weeks away.”

But, you better start now if you want to win Christmas.

You know what I’m talking about. Everyone wants to be the person who gives the gift someone goes back to after all the other gifts are unwrapped. The one they take with them to parties and dinners later in the day to show their friends. The one that doesn’t get put away and forgotten in the back of a drawer or closet.

You’ve heard me say it a few times now, but the best gifts are the ones created from your best memories. So what could be better this year than creating a memory book for the people you love?

“What’s a memory book?”

It’s like a photo book, but better. A memory book not only collects your pictures, but also your words about a particular time or event such as a vacation, wedding, baby’s first year, 50th anniversary party, etc.

With the Lulu Studio, you can choose from our selection of beautiful hardcover photo books, choose a theme, and upload your images. With our text box and captioning tools, you can also record your thoughts about the event or write about favorite or humorous memories.


I created this book using Lulu Studio. It’s about two foodies and their dad eating their way across Asia.


It’s a bit like creating an adult picture book – but all the characters in it are people and places you love and the words are yours.


Three years later, it’s still prominently displayed on Dad’s coffee table.


Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays.

Hope you win!


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Who has the lowest prices on professional photo books and calendars? Lulu Studio does!

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 11.46.21 AMLet it be known that we are here to serve the people! We receive a lot of very helpful feedback, both positive and negative, from our wonderful authors and customers, and we strive every day to improve how we operate in response to the feedback.

Recently, we’ve been speaking with a lot of photographers and authors of photo-rich content about the pricing for photo books and calendars on Lulu Studio. Based on these conversations and the follow up research we conducted, we are excited to share some pretty big changes with you.

Today, we introduced new wholesale and volume discount pricing for professional photo books and calendars created using Lulu Studio. With photo books starting at $12.99 and calendars starting at $9.99, the newly introduced pricing allows photographers and other creators of photo-rich products to pass savings on to their customers, thereby increasing both your audience reach and resulting sales opportunities.

What’s new with Lulu Studio™ Photo Books and Calendars

We’ve recently added several exciting new enhancements to Lulu Studio™ for both Photo book and Calendar publishing. Most of these changes are aimed at adding greater flexibility and options for customization as well as making the Studio easier to use. Here’s a look at what’s new:

Reordering pages – With a click and a drag of your mouse, you can now move and reorder individual pages to appear exactly where you want them to inside your book. Simply click on the “Reorder Pages” button in the lower portion of the Studio™ to pull up the page editor. Then, click and drag the page thumbnail to reorder that page within your book or calendar.

Autofill Pictures – Along side the new page reordering feature there is also a handy time-saving Autofill button that will allow you to pre-populate your book with the photos you’ve added to your project. From my own experience, this tool can be especially useful when used in combination with the page reordering function, especially if your book contains a lot of photos.

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Dust off those photos…

My European Adventure

If you’re like me, then you probably still have all the pictures from that fabulous vacation you took last year taking up memory on your digital camera, or if you were really productive, then you might have transferred them to your computer. Now they’re sitting in your “My Pictures” folder, and you’re wondering what to do with them.

Fortunately, we have an answer; publish a photo book on Lulu!

Recently, I took the pictures from my trip to Europe last spring (yes, as in 2007) and made a book using the Lulu studio. I was amazed at how easy it was. The entire process took less than two hours of my time, and most of that was choosing which pictures I wanted to use. Did I mention I had a lot of them?

With the Lulu Studio photo book tool, you can control

  • The binding and trim size
  • Which of the different themes you want to add to the style and look of your book (ex: modern, wedding, summer vacation, holiday, etc.)
  • The various formats for each page complete with allotments for captions and text.

Once you’re done, voila…you have designed and published your very own photo book. Not to mention, freed up a little more space on your memory card.

Helpful Hint: Remember to edit your pictures, if need be, before uploading them.

A couple recent happenings here at Lulu…

  • Free ISBNS and Expanded eligibility – Did I stutter? No, seriously! For a limited time only we are offering our PBL (Published By Lulu) ISBN service w/ retail distribution, free of charge! Click here for more details.

In addition, we’ve also just recently introduced a new expanded eligibility plan for distribution which should allow more published content into our distribution programs than ever before. Check to see if your book is eligible and sign up today!

  • Lulu users in the UK will be pleased to learn that we’ve expanded our payment options to allow payments using the Visa Electron in £ (GBP). In the coming months, we hope to offer even more payment options in both £ Pounds Sterling as well as the € Euro.
  • For Photo book creators we’ve expanded on some image editing features in the Lulu Studio™ allowing users to rotate the angle of their images within a photo book. If your digital photos were taken at an angle that prevents them from displaying right side up, simply hover your mouse over the image to display a “rotate” icon which will allow you to rotate your image 90 degrees at a time.


Lulu Studio now allows you to rotate imageswithin your photo book.


  • Flash Previews are now available for Lulu Studio™. We’re happy to announce that we are able to offer the same Flash-based previews for Lulu Studio photo books that we offer for our full line of book products.





  • Lulu’s Community Homepage has had a bit of a makeover. While aside from appearance, not a whole lot has changed, we think you’ll find the new layout much more appealing and user-friendly.





Additional release notes and other fixes have also been posted here in the forums.



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