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Top Awards for Independently Published Authors

As the end of the year nears, it seems like every few weeks another round of traditionally published books and authors win the Pulitzer, Man Booker, National Book Critics Circle, and Hugo awards — to name a few. It feels endless — and sometimes deflating. What about the independently published authors who’ve put their heart, soul and countless hours into their books?

Let’s face it: the desire to win an award is two-fold. Not only does it give you, as the author, validation, but it also gives you more credibility among readers looking for their next good read. There are plenty of awards out there specifically for independent authors. Here we list just a few worth submitting to:

Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards: Yes, you read correctly. This is sponsored by the same Writer’s Digest many of us read for advice, so you know it’s legit. Although submissions are closed for this year, future authors take note. Entering a book into one or more of their nine open genres means you have a chance to win $3,000 (or $1,000 for nine runner-up winners), a paid trip to the annual Writer’s Digest conference in New York City, access into a number of new distribution channels, 10 copies of your book for submission to major publishing houses, and much, much more.

Next Generation Indie Book Awards: It’s been five years since the first awards were handed out, and it’s still going strong! Enter your book into one of more than 60 categories and you may be the recipient of a cash prize of up to $1,500, you’ll be attending the gala awards ceremony in New York City, and you’ll be listed in the awards catalog, which goes to “thousands of book buyers, media, and others” according to the website.

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Oh No! Guests Are On Their Way, And You NEED Recipes NOW!

Ok, so you’ve waited til the last minute and decided to have guests over for an awesome Fourth of July BBQ. You sent the text messages, posted an announcement on your blog, emailed your home skillets and maybe even tweeted about. You have a bunch of confirmations, but no ideas on what to cook. Ack! Well, if that sounds like you, feel free to thank me at the end of this post for making your BBQ dreams come true. I have three TERRIFIC cookbooks to tell you about, and you don’t even need to wait for them to be shipped to your door. In fact, you can get them instantly through this mysterious network of tubes known as the INTERWEBS. Brilliant!

I must confess; I am the person at your BBQ who doesn’t eat meat. I know you are going to be nice to me until you realize you’ve invited a Veggie to “Rib fest 2008.” At that point you are going to run inside and begin panicking when you realize that even your baked beans have pork in them. But fear not! I say, embrace your vegetarian guests and enjoy delicious dishes with them!

Guide to Delicious: Masterminding this Vegan Cookout is the answer to your vegetarian BBQ woes. It has everything you will need to ensure that all your guests are satisfied and full. There are lots of great recipes, like vegan Apple Sage Sausages and Easy Spicy Tempeh Burgers. Even great drink recipes (mmmm Mint Juleps). This cookbook is chock full of great photos, too. These women make cooking actually look fun, which in my mind seems impossible. Gee, I wish these ladies were MY friends so they could invite me to THEIR cookouts!

Buy it now as a download for only $6 or if you want to wait two weeks, get the paperback for $16.


The next two cookbooks are omnivore approved! I asked my husband (affectionately referred to as Grillzilla) what he thought, and he LOVED these two books. Let me tell you why.

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