Mozilla Popcorn for Online Video

2 min readAs Mozilla’s Ryan Merkley points out in his TED talk, the nature of video on the web hasn’t changed much over the past few years. Besides a higher resolution and faster streaming times, videos remain static and non-interactive. Even books,… Continue Reading →

The Best Web Resources for Authors (Part 2)

3 min readIn an earlier blog post we went over some of the Internet’s best sites for the latest on publishing, finding a critique buddy or group, and even writing prompts. But that’s of course not all the Web has to offer…. Continue Reading →

Focus: Netiquette – The Art of Poise Online

2 min readIn the tradition of all Good Southern Grandmothers (GSG), my piano teacher forced me into an etiquette lesson once a week, every week, for twelve years. The fact that I was there for piano lessons and that she was not… Continue Reading →

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