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How Does Print and Ebook Distribution Work?

8 min readYou’ve written a book (maybe even a few), designed a stellar cover, and self-published! You are a published author. Relish that feeling. Even though independent publishing platforms have opened the floodgates, you are still among a distinct few who call… Continue Reading →

Tearing down the wall! Lulu now offers new print packages to fit everyone

2 min readWhen Bob Young, Lulu’s founder, tore down the barriers to bringing a book to market, he knew millions of people would benefit. Since Lulu.com made its debut more than ten years ago, people from every corner of the globe have… Continue Reading →

Print Books Bounce Back

2 min readThe reports of the death of the printed book have been greatly exaggerated. Sales figures from the end of last year show that while they don’t dominate the marketplace as they once did, print books are showing a good amount of resiliency during the precipitous rise of eBooks… Continue Reading →

Early Age, Early Adopters: How Kids’ Aptitudes for Tech Change the Face of Reading

2 min readChildren interact with technology in a different way than we do. Their brains are like sponges, which means they are able to intuitively use any new technology without reference to older ones. Give a child an iPad and watch what… Continue Reading →

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