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Bringing You a Bigger Audience

You are the future.

Your knowledge and ideas are the building blocks for the next generation, the foundation that ensures we continue to progress as a society. You need ever-better ways to share your knowledge and reach more people — and you deserve ever-better incentives to do so.

Lulu is working to open publishing to everyone, to create best-in-class tools so you can make just about anything and reach anyone. Whether you are an individual, publisher, educator, or enterprise — and whether you write technical manuals or romance novels — our goal is simple: to give you the most opportunities to share and profit from your remarkable ideas, knowledge and stories.

We are launching a significant initiative in the effort.

Beginning today, you will find more than 700,000 new titles in the Lulu Marketplace, titles as diverse as Harlan Coben’s Caught from the list of New York Times bestsellers to Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. This follows the addition of more than 200,000 traditionally published eBooks that we added in November. In the coming weeks, we’ll add more content through additional partnerships as we make the world’s premier destination for published knowledge, ideas and expression. In effect, we are creating the world’s biggest bookstore.

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A New & Improved Lulu Search Engine

We are happy to announce a new feature to Lulu’s Marketplace which will dramatically improve your ability to search, browse for and find content relevant to you.

The new Lulu 2008.4 release brought the usual amount of bug fixes, but the new feature released was a new search engine based on Solr. You don’t have to know what Solr is or why it’s important, but what you will notice is a new search box in the results displayed from your query that looks like this:

search ui screenshot

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