The 1000 True Fan Theory: Achieving Sustainable Income as a Writer

6 min read  What’s your dream? When I was a teen I read Stephen King’s “The Gunslinger” and decided I wanted to be a novelist. I was already an avid reader but there came a moment as I finished “The Gunslinger” when… Continue Reading →

Pricing Your Book to Sell!

11 min read  I read a lot of articles pertaining to publishing. Every day my inbox brims with new content, and I read over it carefully because I want to be in the know just like our authors. Everyone here at Lulu… Continue Reading →

Entrepreneurs: Publish a Book, Make an Impression

6 min readSelf-publishing has improved a great deal since 2002, when Lulu first broke the mold and began offer writers a means to publish without going the traditional route. Today, the book market is flooded with self-published titles. While many of these… Continue Reading →

Marketing Toolbox: 3 Step Book Marketing Plan

8 min readOver the past few weeks, we ran a series called “Writer’s Toolbox” aimed at revealing some of the more useful tools a writer can utilize to improve their productivity. There are other programs writers use but we’ll have to consider… Continue Reading →

Selling Your Brand: Author Website

5 min readIndependent publishing demands an effort on the author’s part to self-promote. The task may seem daunting, as many of the tasks involved in self-publishing can, but thanks to the power of the Internet, you can promote yourself online with minimal… Continue Reading →

Selling Your Book – Synopsis

4 min readSynopsis – a brief summary or general survey of something. Might seem like a simple thing. You wrote an entire book! Now all you have to do is write summary of said book.  Should be no problem, right? Well, not… Continue Reading →

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