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How To Market Children’s Books

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Marketing is usually pretty cut-and-dry. You have an audience you’re trying to reach, and you do what you can to reach them. But what if you have a whole segment of people whose attention you want but that don’t have any buying power? Well, that’s a whole different ballgame.

Marketing to kids is made more difficult by the fact that you have to appease not one but two people: the child and the parent. Because of this two-pronged approach, marketing kid’s books can be tricky. So here are some handy tips to consider:

Mind the law: The laws around Internet marketing toward children under the age of 13 are very clear and very strict. Make sure you familiarize yourself well with the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) laws before you do any contests, giveaways, or other promotions targeting children online.

Build a Robust Website: All authors could benefit from a good website, and children’s book authors are no exception. Make it easy for parents and educators to know if your book is appropriate for a child by outlining the book’s story and themes, providing your bio, and surfacing any quotes from other authors, teachers, or librarians. Additionally, consider putting up downloadable activities, or a reading group guide, that teachers can use in their classroom. Here is a great example:

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TCCTA Welcomes Lulu!

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The Texas Community College Teacher’s Association (TCCTA) had its 61st annual convention and Lulu was one of the show’s main attractions. With over 80 colleges participating, teachers from all backgrounds were interested to see what Lulu could do for them.

As most of you know Lulu’s services not only attract individual authors/creators but can appeal to many others; like teachers. So here’s the scenario, you’re a teacher and you use the same old tired textbook every year. You’re not only tired of it, but your students are too. So why not create your own? Lulu enables teachers to be able to compile course materials and any other relevant matter in one central piece versus using the same irrelevant materials over and over again.

With this being our first time at TCCTA, teachers were surprised to see us there but understood the perfect placement we have at such an educational show. With over 6,000 members it was a great opportunity for Lulu to continue to reach out to the educational world full of potential Lulus! We want to make sure that at each conference Lulu attends we continue to stress our free services and easy applications. TCCTA has now been added to the list of successful educational conferences that we’ve attended and we’re excited to see what the next one brings.

If you know of any educational shows (or any other shows for that matter) feel free to let us know where you’d like to see us. Respond to this blog with your ideas.

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