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Scenario Designer's Handbook By Michael Dorosh
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Scenario Designer's Handbook (ISBN 978-0-9782646-8-0) is intended as a reference for those interested in designing historical scenarios for the Advanced Squad Leader game system. The book features... More > 216 full-colour pages with a variety of information to assist in force and terrain selection, including company, battalion and divisional break-downs of the major armies that participated in the Second World War. Additional chapters deal with scenario lay-out, publishing, researching, walk-throughs of the design process and discussion regarding the various components of ASL scenarios. Scenario Designer's Handbook is not an official publication of Multi-Man Publishing or Hasbro and neither the author nor are in any way affiliated with MMP. A full preview is available at< Less
Predator at the Chessboard: A Field Guide to Chess Tactics (Book II) By Ward Farnsworth
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Chess tactics explained in English: the second volume of material from This book is the second in a two-part set. The two books together contain over a thousand examples... More > organized in unprecedented detail. Every position is accompanied by a commentary describing a train of thought that leads to the solution; these books thus are the ideal learning tool for those who prefer explanations in words to long strings of notation. Book II -- the present volume -- covers pins and skewers, removal of the guard, and mating patterns. (The first book in the set provides an introduction to tactics and explains forks and discovered attacks.) Also available in hardcover.< Less