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Sarge's Shenanigans By Barbara Arnsan, Dan Arnsan
Paperback: £10.99 (excl. VAT)
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Sarge, a Flat-Coated Retriever puppy, leaves the breeder in California to live with his new family in the mountains of Western Montana. A lively and rambunctious pup, Sarge is loved by his owners in... More > spite of his "shenanigans." Through brightly-colored, detailed illustrations, SARGE'S SHENANIGANS shows that even playful mischief can be rewarded in a happy home. Sarge's loving and forgiving family appears to see only the good side of his misdeeds and awards him medals throughout this lighthearted, charming tale.< Less
The Animal KINdom Coloring Book By Michael O’Leary
Paperback: £7.72 (excl. VAT)
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A unique coloring book of 30 animals composed of several other animals. The Animal KINdom Coloring Book was created to be an enjoyable way to experience the beauty and diversity of animals.... More > Publishing the book now could not be more timely. Scientists warn us that in the last four decades we have lost half of the wildlife on the planet, and now an even greater extinction has begun. My hope is that the coloring book may touch people and be a reminder that we are connected to, and dependent upon all life. We have an obligation to cherish, preserve and protect the animal Kindom. For the past twenty years Michael O’Leary has worked in community mental health. He is a psychotherapist, and artist and a student of Buddhism and yoga. In addition to drawing he enjoys Chinese watercolor painting and gardening.< Less

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MourneQuest MourneQuest By Garry McElherron Paperback:
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