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The Insurance Professional's Practical Guide to Workers' Compensation By Chris Boggs
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This is not your ordinary workers' compensation book. Workers' compensation coverage is relatively easy to understand. It's the legal, procedural and contractual issues surrounding workers'... More > compensation that are complicated. In “The Insurance Professional’s Practical Guide to Workers’ Compensation,” Boggs addresses in clear, jargon-free English many of the concepts, policies and practices in workers compensation that brokers, risk advisors, and corporate risk managers need to know. The chapters, such as on which injuries and which workers are covered, free the reader from having to wade through dense legal and regulatory treatises. Boggs explains to non-lawyers legal aspects of workers compensation. If you need to use the book as little as one time a year, get it, because you'll probably need it much more often.< Less
The Management of Strategy in the Marketplace By Ernest R. Cadotte & Harry J. Bruce
Paperback: €43.36 (excl. VAT)
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The textbook The Management of Strategy in the Marketplace (Cadotte, Bruce) is designed to accompany the Marketplace Live business simulations. It is completely optional as the Marketplace Live... More > business simulations are stand-alone exercises. The purpose of the textbook is to lay out an intellectual foundation that will prepare students to compete in the real marketplace. The simulation provides a living case through which students gain hands-on experience in business management. In short, the textbook provides the theory; the simulation provides the practice.< Less

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