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Ira’s Amazing Adventure: The Flight By Eugene Roginsky
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What would you do if everyone said you could only do one thing? Would you believe them, or would you try to prove them wrong? That’s what Ira, a friendly, colorful earthworm, faces in author... More > Eugene Roginsky’s Ira’s Amazing Adventure: The Flight. After being told by his peers that earthworms were only born to dig tunnels in the soil, Ira travels up the root of a plum tree to have an incredible adventure. Join Ira as he smells flowers, sees his own reflection in the water for the first time, feels the touch of a raindrop, meets Pete the joking bee, and flies for the first time. Beautiful illustrations by Tilly Freedman help bring Ira’s adventures to life. Ira’s Amazing Adventure: The Flight includes chapters offering thought-provoking discussion ideas for parents and children to share. It is not only a fun read but a learning experience as well.< Less
How I Look Journal By Nan Dellheim & Molly Dellheim
Paperback: €18.53 (excl. VAT)
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Newly revised fifth edition adds new material that resonated in the classroom! This research-based journal provides age-appropriate information on topics relevant to healthy development and... More > self-acceptance including identity, stress, growth and development, media awareness, healthy lifestyle, self-talk, role models and clothing tips to improve body acceptance. Interspersed with thought-provoking journal prompts, inspirational quotes, and journal entries from a caring mentor, this heartfelt but lighthearted journal will empower girls during the vulnerable adolescent years. Can be used in the classroom with companion lessons or by individual girls. Girl tested; teacher, school counselor, and mom approved! "This is a valuable tool for girls of all ages that provides techniques to build lasting self-esteem. This journal encourages healthy creativity and self-reflection and is a great gift for aspiring writers and teens alike!" Jess Weiner, Author and Self-Esteem Expert.< Less

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