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Opportunity Found By David Mullins
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Humans have expanded out into their solar system and the Off Earth Settlers have created a truly free society. Independent people living the life they want with no interference. But this life hangs... More > in the balance. Living off Earth requires a great deal of energy which means a great deal of methane is needed. Luckily a ready supply is laying right here on the surface of Pluto, an icy rock at the edge of mankind’s space. Timothy Krane and his crew are here, struggling constantly against the unforgiving environment and the unrelenting cold, to keep the supply line running. Everything changes when they discover a murderer among them. This is followed by a series of seemingly pointless and increasingly deadly acts of sabotage which crank up the pressure cooker they are living in. Thrust into a role he is ill prepared for, Krane must work to uncover those responsible as he tries to prevent his crew and the miners from splitting into warring factions and, as always, to keep the methane moving.< Less
Android and Alice By Ghassan Jabali
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Android 13V was built by Dr. Vincent Divol with the purpose to find and protect his great granddaughter Alice. In a world devastated by nuclear and biological warfare, Android 13V must ensure... More > Alice’s safety from gang members, mutants and desperate civilians. It will protect her, feed her, educate her and raise her while completing its other directives set by the brilliant mad scientist, with the super computer AIRIS. Nothing will stop Android 13V from completing all its protocols, not even Alice. Ghassan Jabali is a novelist who has written various stories on fantasy, drama and science fiction. He currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his three sisters and studies to get his Bachelor’s Degree in English. He likes literature, history, gaming and creating worlds with wonderful stories and compelling characters.< Less

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