The Stargate Chronicles - Chapters 1-10 -

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Aerospace Engineer and former NASA employee Clark C. McClelland has compiled a list of exciting, controversial UFO and extraterrestrial events and assembled them as a book, presented here are its first 10 chapters. The information compiled is impressive and perhaps startling to some. Much will be regarded as new and fresh to the UFO community. McClelland's long association with the UFO phenomenon has followed him throughout his aerospace career. In 1958 he was assigned to the national space program at Cape Canaveral, Florida, and helped launch hundreds of rockets and spacecraft. In addition to being an Aerospace Engineer and Technical Assistant to the Apollo Program Manager during the Apollo moon landings, McClelland and other SpaceCraft Operators did extensive technical checkout of simulated flights and mission objectives of the various Space Shuttles to assure orbital success and the personal safety of the astronauts. He has worked at major aerospace companies throughout his life... Meer  > and at NASA until 1992.<  Minder
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18 oktober 2012
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