The Madness of My Mind

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At the core of his being, Stuart Knight believes that people deserve to live the highest possible version of life. By building a road less traveled, Stuart learned that limitations are only concepts, and are shackles that we either choose to wear or kick to the curb. The Madness of My Mind is a ten-year period of Stuart Knight’s life where he chronicled the highs and lows of producing material that has now been witnessed by over one million people around the world. Each week, thousands of subscribers received Stuart’s blog, where he recounted personal stories, near death experiences and brief moments of enlightenment. As with any offering, Stuart’s intention was to provoke exciting new thoughts and to share a different perspective on life. People have called him mad for his non-traditional approach to life, and it’s from this part of his mind that he hopes to help you entertain the crazy notion of being you.
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14 juni 2013
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