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How to publish your eBook:

What are eBooks?

eBooks are electronic, downloadable books that can easily be accessed on a wide range of eReader devices and platforms, like the Apple iPad®, Barnes & Noble NOOK, and your home computer. Millions of customers discover new ways to purchase and read eBooks everyday. By publishing an eBook of your own, you are empowering yourself to share your remarkable knowledge and ideas with readers all over the world – anywhere, anytime.

Not all eBooks are
created equal.

Lulu can help you reach millions of readers in more markets, like on the iBookstore℠, and Barnes & Noble NOOK with an ePub formatted eBook. With the Lulu ePub Converter, creating an ePub from your Word or RTF files is a snap, and the best part? It’s FREE. You can learn more about ePub formatted eBooks by visiting our knowledge base so you can be sure your fans get the most robust experience from reading your work. If you have a more specific audience in mind, Lulu can also help you publish eBooks to sell to your customers in the Lulu Marketplace that are PDF formatted too.

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Word or RTF
to ePub
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Give Us Your Work

You’ve done it! You’ve written your masterpiece. You just need a place to put it so you can grow your audience and sell more books. Before you start the eBook publishing process, you’ll want to check out our eBook Creator Guide to make sure your work looks its best for you and your readers. After that, you just have to decide where you want to sell your remarkable works and create a file in the appropriate format.

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Acceptable File Formats:

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The Lulu Marketplace also supports RTFs, JPGs, PNGs, and GIFs.

If you don’t have an ePub, you can you quickly convert your Word or RTF files for FREE using the Lulu ePub Converter or let our team of conversion specialists help you get your eBook in tip top shape. Visit our services page for more information.

Choose Your Title

That remarkable new work of yours isn’t going to get very far if people don’t know what to call it. Enter a title for your eBook. Just be sure all your information, like capitalization, punctuation, and subtitle, matches the cover you create to save yourself some distribution headaches.


You ever notice that long string of numbers on the back of a book near the barcode? That’s called an ISBN and is what every single retail channel uses to list your book and track your sales. You can get an ISBN from Lulu for free, or bring one you’ve purchased on your own. Visit our knowledge base to find out which ISBN option is best for you.

Next: Create a Cover

You Can Judge a Book
by Its Cover

The cover of your eBook will be the first thing many of your readers will see. It’s kind of like a first impression or welcoming handshake. And an eye-catching cover can often be just the thing to turn a casual looky-loo into your biggest fan. Luckily, Lulu makes cover design a snap. With our cover tools, you can upload an RGB cover designed by yourself or one of our skilled cover design artists, or you can pick from one of hundreds of our pre-made templates and themes. We’ve made sure to provide tons of options to make your work look as good as it deserves and really standout.

Next: Describe Your eBook

Tell the World Your Story

Describing your work might be the most important step of all. Not only does a book description double as a great marketing tool to get readers interested, it’s also used to catalogue your work in retail channels all over the world. For this step, you’ll be asked to provide details including category and genre, keywords, description, language, licensing and edition number. It’s crucial you provide consistent information here that matches any details you have already provided or stated in your book and on your cover. Many retailers require this information to be accurate in order to list your content and make sure it gets in front of the right readers. Check out our eBook Creator Guide to be sure your eBook meets retailers’ requirements.

Next: Pick a Price

Pick a Price, Any Price...

At Lulu, you pick the best price for your work and you keep 90% of the profits you set.

It is a great idea to experiment with different prices for your eBooks and to price competitively with other books in the same genre. Many authors offer free samples of their works or even release chapters in installments. You can adjust the price of your eBooks at anytime. It is important to note that many retail channels have their own set of guidelines on pricing as well as commission rates. While this will not affect your pricing and revenue on Lulu.com, it may be adjusted on third-party retail channels. For a more detailed look at different pricing structures check out our retail pricing calculator .

Fun fact: Pricing for your eBook is up to you, but we’ve noticed Lulu authors that price their eBooks in the $.99 - $2.99 range sell more units and earn more revenue than those in any other price range.

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"Look what I made..."

Writing a book is no small feat and you should be proud of yourself for all the hard work you’ve done. Once you’ve published your eBook, it is immediately available for sale to the 2.5 million unique customers that make up the Lulu Marketplace. We also provide worldwide distribution through our growing network of retail partners so your work can reach readers anywhere, including the iBookstore and Barnes & Noble NOOK.

Lulu also offers a wide selection of a la carte services and marketing packages to help spread the word about your remarkable new work and reach your target audience. You might also want to visit the Lulu blog, where you can get tips from marketing experts and read other authors' success stories about their journeys to becoming bestsellers.

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