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Book Exhibit - NTS Show*

Price: $1,799

The Combined Book Exhibit (CBE) displays your book at various exhibits in book fairs across the globe. It is one of the best opportunities to get your work in front of thousands of book buyers, librarians, and agents.

The New Title Showcase is for authors who want to promote their newly launched book. This CBE package provides instant exposure for your first book or a wider audience for your latest title. The New Title Showcase includes a place for your book in the show and in the CBE Exhibit Catalogue, as well as inclusion in a comprehensive online database where interested parties can buy your book. We also send out a press release to targeted online media sources to give your book maximum publicity.

  • Inclusion in New Title Showcase Exhibit
  • Press Release - Web Optimized Edition

What’s Included:

  • We will create an original and compelling press release to generate media attention and direct reader’s attention to your book. The release will be broadcast to media outlets and to thousands of interested parties via the newswire.
  • At the show of your choice, your book will be assigned a number, either based on its Dewey Decimal subject category at library shows or based on where it lies alphabetically by publisher at international venues.
  • Your book's entry in the exhibit catalog includes the title, your name as the author (as well as illustrator and/or editor where applicable), year of publication, price, ISBN, a 25-word description (feel free to write your own or our professional copywriters can do it for you), and citations of awards and/or honors received.
  • Our (Your?) information is also gathered and included in the catalog as part of the publisher directory, where all pertinent contact and distribution information is included.
  • This information is also available online in a live searchable database and archived for up to one year.
  • Your book will be displayed along with other titles in a prime position on the exhibit floor.
  • Your book will be displayed face-out on the shelf.
  • Official report and PDF of the exhibit catalog can also be found online for up to one year after the event.

What You Need to Know:

Choose Your Show

With a diverse range of shows from all over the world, you can select the schedule that best fits your marketing plans for your book.

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