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Color Illustrations - Fine Detail

Price: $399

Detailed illustrations can take the look of your book to the next level. When you have Fine Detail Illustrations created for your book, art is drawn by hand and coloring is done digitally. This level of artistry adds basic shadows and highlights to objects and scenery to give the illustrations a greater level of depth and dimension.

Your illustrations can be produced in the following styles:

  • Juvenile/Whimsical (a sweet/cute style)
  • Cartoon/Humor (a humorous/funny style)
  • Fantasy (a comic book/mythical style)
  • Science Fiction (a futuristic/technological style)
  • Realistic (a true-to-life style)

Color Illustrations – Fine Detail is also available in bundles of six and ten unique illustrations.

  • Six Color Illustrations – Fine Detail $1,599
  • Ten Color Illustrations – Fine Detail $2,599

Quick Facts | Color Illustrations – Fine Detail

The Fine Detail Illustrations will add “that extra something special” to your book. The typical timeline for this service is 6 to 12 weeks depending on our work queue and the complexity of your project. Call 888-265-2129 to learn more or to purchase this service.