Introducing The Helix Review. See How Your Book Stacks Up. By Lulu & The Book Genome Project

Gain a truly unbiased perspective on your book

The Helix Review analyzes your writing against more than 100,000 bestsellers cataloged as part of The Book Genome Project. See into your writing in ways you never thought possible, and gain new, invaluable insights for better marketing and selling your book.

What’s included in your report

Your Unique Words

What words do you use that make your story unique? Here, Helix highlights keywords from your book that are distinctively yours because you use them more than other authors. This knowledge can set you apart from the crowd when selling yourself - whether to a potential reader, future editor or agent.

Data Worth Knowing

Learn how your book’s length (in words), average word length, unique vocabulary, average sentence length, average paragraph length and perspective compare to those same metrics in titles both in your genre and across all genres.

Writing Style

Compiling the metrics of Motion, Density, Dialog, Description and Pacing from your book and comparing them with the same statistics from other books in your genre is a powerful way to understand and meet the expectations of your genre.


StoryDNA is how Helix analyzes the thematic elements that make a story compelling and memorable. You've built an entire world with thousands of building blocks. See how they fit together.


Here, Helix selects and lists books comparable to yours - both in your genre and across all genres - based on similarities in theme and writing style. This provides valuable audience and marketing insights.

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

What is The Helix Review?

The Helix Review provides a detailed analysis of your submitted manuscript by comparing it with all published works within The Book Genome Project as well as making specific comparisons to titles in your chosen genre.

What type of books or manuscripts are eligible for The Helix Review?

Currently we offer The Helix Review for manuscripts or books published on that meet the following criteria:

  1. 10,000 or more words (typically 33 or more pages)
  2. In a PDF, EPUB or Word document format (so the text can be scanned)
What is the difference between The Helix Review and The Helix Review Lite?

The Helix Review Lite contains only the sections Keywords, Data Worth Knowing and Writing Style. The Helix Review contains these sections, as well as Themes & Story DNA, and Comparable Titles from your genre and from all titles in The Book Genome Project.

How can I use the information in my report?

This analytical, data-driven approach can help you see your work in a new way. More specifically, your personalized report compares your manuscript to those of well-known, popular authors. You can use the information provided in the report to refine your work to better meet the expectations of your targeted audience, to draw comparisons with popular authors when marketing your work, or to differentiate your work from current trends in literature.

How is my Helix Review generated?

The interior of your manuscript will be indexed and analyzed, then statistics specific to your content, use of dialog and description, vocabulary, sentence and paragraph structure, pacing, and theme treatment are compiled. Based on these statistics, your manuscript will be scientifically compared to more than 100,000 books listed in The Book Genome Project. Your personalized report displays how your content, style, setting, and approach compare with published authors in general as well as successful authors within your selected genre.

Is the Helix Review a review of my work?

The Helix Review provides valuable insight into how your manuscript and style stack up against published authors with a similar subject matter or genre. It does not, however, quantify your writing as good or bad, nor does it make specific recommendations to improve your writing or style.

Who reads my manuscript?

No carbon-based beings are involved in the process. In order to provide a completely objective report, your manuscript will be indexed, electronically analyzed, and compared with published books listed in The Book Genome Project. A personalized Helix Review for your manuscript will be automatically generated.

What is The Book Genome Project?

The Book Genome Project is an indexed repository of more than 100,000 published works by popular authors representing all genres. The Book Genome is derived through the analysis and comparison of books, based primarily on language, character, and theme. These components are mined and analyzed in order to sift, organize, categorize and ultimately separate one book from another. The fundamental goal of the project is to develop ways to intelligently understand the content and make-up of books, then to apply that knowledge so that lesser-known books and authors are more easily discovered.

Will my book become part of The Book Genome Project?

Additions to The Book Genome Project are currently limited to titles submitted by traditional publishing houses.

I have more questions. What should I do?

We’d love to hear your questions and feedback. Please email us at and we will respond to your question in the order it is received.

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