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Somewhere in the world is someone who’ll be interested in your book. But that someone will never even know you and your book exist unless you get the word out. Unless you light that signal fire or raise that flag telling the world ‘Here I am and this is my book!’

In other words… marketing.

Tell the world ‘I have a story to tell’ or ‘I have knowledge to impart.’ It’s harder to reach people who’ll be interested in your book, if those people have never heard of your book in the first place.

But simply letting the world know you have something worthwhile is sadly not enough. These are the days when trust runs at a premium. It’s much easier to trust the opinion of a professional third party.

With Lulu’s Trifecta Review Service you get trust and certified honesty on your book’s behalf. Three paid reviews of your book from three known, respected, and legitimate names in book review: Kirkus, Clarion, and Blueink.

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