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Editing is one of the most vital parts of the writing process. Some of the most famous works of fiction would not be what they are today without helpful, honest editing. Because even the best writers can overlook their own mistakes. This is where Lulu comes in with fresh, professional eyes.

Weeding out grammatical errors. Pointing out inconsistencies. These are some of the ways Lulu’s Editing Services can help you make your book the best version of itself it can be.

Some of Lulu’s Editing Services include:

  • Small Book Review with Editing - Professionals will go over and edit your book, while you still retain creative control.
  • Editorial Assessment - evaluates sections of your manuscript for editorial quality and publishing readiness, while also providing limited editing and constructive commenting.
  • Line Editing - In-depth copy editing, checking for pervasive errors and providing constructing commentary.
  • Content Editing - especially helpful to fiction writers, this service seeks out inconsistencies of plot, characters and setting.

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