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Author Video

Price: $5,599

Featuring you, the author, in a professionally produced interview that provides insight into you and your book. Through your own words, your author video gives a mass audience a behind-the-scenes look into your work. This exceptional marketing tool allows you to promote your book in a way that captures the intensity and passion only you can provide regarding your book.

What’s Included:

Video is an equally important promotional tool sure to capture the attention of your viewers. As a powerful contributor to your online marketing efforts, an Author Video includes the following online tools to promote your book:

  • Creation of 60- to 90-second creative video filmed in the location of your choice
  • Formatting of your video for high-quality video and iPod downloads
  • Addition of your video to your book’s Web page in our bookstore

What You Need to Know:

You will retain all rights to your video, and we will provide you with the final video file. Feel free to share your video with friends, family and include it in additional marketing materials.