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  • By andy evans
    Dec 20, 2010
    Just a small selection of reader's reviews taken from Harper Collins Authonomy Website; Carole Austin It's no good, you will have to upload the rest because I am utterly hooked! This has taken me back to my seventies childhood with its descriptive quality, and back to two years ago when my father died, from a bad chest caused by years of coal dust (and the cigarettes habitually smoked when a shift was over). The dream sequences are gripping and the fear of the unknown can be tasted. My father said he saw things whilst working alone underground (he was a pump deputy- the mines here stretch under the North Sea) that could never be explained away by rationality, and he firmly believed that we do not die when our bodies in this life give up. Keep writing and please upload the rest, you have a rare talent, this is by far the best thing I have read on this site. Carole Austin Secrets To Tell Naveen Nayer Dear Andy Evans and Vesna Kovac,... More > Great work, right from the beginning when you set up the stage to begin the (play) book (just imagining) when Dr.Forster picks up the phone, to the point when Alison says Doctor and is confused you could not associate it to the paragraph, when the Dr had injected himself with morphine and had found himself floating towards the door over the carpet, earlier it was imagined to be an effect of morphine and later comes as a suspense that the Dr would have died injecting himself and his spirit would have visited Molly.Amazing work I should say and very interesting.Congratulations you would go up like anything not only in charts but also in life as you have the knack of hooking the audience which comes naturally. Naveen Nayer The Supremest Human Being Part 1 & 2 Jack Hughes This is a very well executed novel. The sad decline of the Yorkshire mining industry and the communities it supported is graphically shown here, told as a backdrop to a gripping and exciting mystery thriller. Your characters are really well defined and the writing is pin sharp throughout, giving a real and discernable tension to the unfolding plot. A masterful and exquisitely constructed novel. Backed with pleasure, best of luck. Jack Hughes Dawn of Shadows Brian Todd The overall effect of your narrative is powerful and quite enchanting. A potent brew of drama and emotion. A birth and a death in the first chapter, the two experiences all humans are obliged to empathise with is the hook. Your first few chapter promise a great read and Ill be coming back to read on tomorrow. Meantime backed. Regards Brian The Third Lion Bobbee Myersrigby Hi Andy and Vesna, I have found your book to be of excellent narration, dialogue, and plot. Simply and beautifuly written. An eerie tale of life in a miner's village. I look forward to shelving and purchasing this in a bookstore. However, I must admit there is nothing so disconcerting as reading only part of a great book with no ending! Best of luck, Bobbee Kali's Daughters Rome Dear Andy & Vesna, This is riveting! Very sad in the first because of what happened to the doctor and happy in part because of the introduction of a birth; wonderful piece of work replete with emotions and a storyline that gets interwoven succintly and so melodramatically. I would recommend this infectious read to anyone who loves a good read and who could learn from a good write. Thank you for giving me a chance to read this before it gets published. Rome Directives for Murder Andrew Skaife I'm sorry that I had to stop at five, not because I would have too much to say (which I would, I can never shut up) but because I was sorry I could not read more for my own selfish reasons. First, I love the beginning, from the morphine induced dream to the doctor's poignant illness (somehow we seem to believe doctors are impervious) to the twist in the death whilst life is brought about. Fantastic. From the wonderful writing I was feeling so much sympathy for the doctor by the tenth line! "The voices that seemed to creep like an invisible mist from the shadows of the night, had been just the beginning." Is pure poetry with not one syllable that need not be there. Absolute craftsmanship. Roger's almost immediate drift into that model of distant father is both realistic, saddening and deflating. The narrative is improved by it but the thought that it is so obviously true in so many is the deflating part. You are an author and I wonder only why this is not in print already. BACKED with absolute pleasure. Andrew Skaife God, The Son, And The Holy Dwarf Christophe Deseaux There is nothing I enjoy more than complex, imperfect, characters. A doctor, addicted to morphine, who is dying. What a fantastic platform from which to weave your tale. The input from coauthors habitating different sides of the Atlantic is a potent amalgam of perspectives that adds depth to the characters, places and events. Well done. Christophe Karma's Quarry Christophe Deseaux Greg Levin Tough for the reader to catch their breath while rolling through Chapter 1 -- a deliciously haunting and harrowing tale. The fact that the book cracked the top 100 is a testament to your skill as a storyteller. Greg Levin Notes On An Orange Burial Helen Miller Your pitch is great, your writing is sophisticated, your story line is Intriguing. You've made me want to buy this book in the store, and recommend it to my friends.As a writer, you have achieved your goal.Well done..... I'm in for the long haul....Helen Helen Miller The Last Dream Anna Rossi Beautifully written, emotional and frightening. Did you write different chapters, I wonder? If so, your voices blendsmoothly into one fantastic whole. I've read four chapters but will be coming back for more. Hope you upload the rest as it is utterly compelling.Congratulations Anna Rossi Black Damask Milan Bakrania First off all, wicked pitch! Reels the reader in without giving too much away. Read some of your work. Very well written and legible. Vivid descriptions and stylised imagery brings the words to life. Well crafted. You are on your way to stardom with this one. Well done to both of you - Milan Milan Bakrania Flicker Alison Butler This is EXCELLENT, and first class."I love you mam!" Breaks your heart and makes you smile...oh how wonderful this is! The prose beautiful, gritty, realistic dialogue...heart warming.I've read two books with similar subject matter, one by Emile Zola and the other by Ken Follet and this is just as good as the both of them. Cannot praise more, please get published! Alison Alison Butler The Hanging of Margaret Dickson Gerald Johnston Wordsmith. I don't think I'm qualified to say anything more than beautiful, thought provoking, and well done. Your prose is very familiar feeling, like I didn't need to climatize to your style. The reader is eased in nicely. You have a flair for very imaginative descriptions that really move the story along. As you know, I've already backed, but I'd do it all over again. Twice - Gerry Gerald D Johnston Dropcloth Angels Kenneth Wayne I loved playing army when I was a kid as well. I grew up on a farm, we had few neighbors kids with whom to play, so my brothers and I spent most of your free time playing army in the woods. This moves from that, though, to Molly and Milan. Molly contrasts Milan to her real father, Dennis the Menace and how he takes over a widow's business. His calculating coldness is so similar to a person I'm unlucky to have to work with. The dude's name isn't Dennis, but he's from the same mold. I want to return to this when I get a little more time, It's an intriguing story so far about the "heartlessness that would tear the family apart for eternity." - Ken Kenneth Wayne Clip Rakhi Jha The plot and the characters are very good. But what impressed me most is your writing style and your beautiful narration. It is pleasure to read. I loved the relationship between Billy and his mom Molly. Billy is a intriguing character with a balance of great vulnerability and equally great strength. Happy to Back this - Rakhi Rakhi Jha An Urbane Knight Cherry Gregory This is a beautiful piece of writing and I loved it very much. Your dialogue is natural and feels right, while your description is magical. It's simple and down to earth at times yet also mysterous. I'm not quite sure how you've managed it, but you've worked together to produce a wonderful story that is powerful and original.Good luck with seeking a publisher -Cherry Gregory The Girl From Ithaco - Book One in the Sister Trilogy Raymond Nickford ''The mining community in which Billy integrates, meticulously brought to life by selective detail, is the more effective because you have already built a coherent picture of Billy's mother, Molly, and her father, Dennis; a rogue who abandoned his family for a girl. It was this characterisation, with its insights and observations, via the viewpoints of your characters and their very natural dialogue, that most engaged me and made me want to read on; to find how Billy will indeed 'seek out his own enjoyment and company' - Ray Raymond Nickford A Child From The Wishing Well Suzannah Burke have read all the uploaded work...and would have kept on reading without thought of the time. This is so beautifully written it eased itself around me like a welcome hug and i settled down in front of the screen to read it. The entire work is melded with that sense of the unknown sitting just beyond my peripheral-- waiting...every chapter encouraged me further Billy's playtimes clearly became visions of what was to come...The characterizations are marvelously done...Molly is a delight warm and still holding on to some of the vitality of her youth...Roger hasn't managed to completely suppress her...Milan and his marvelous stories and bond with Billy, the whole background woven with descriptions that bring everything alive...well almost everything...This is simply stunningI have backed it with the greatest please and will wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants a magical mystical and sometimes terryfying reading experience. Bravo - Suzannah Burke Lynn Clayton Strange that this is an unfamiliar setting for most people today but you evoke it well, with echoes of D.H.Lawrence, especially in the rages of Roger. Milan's tales are a bright and mysterious break in the bleakness. Ch 3, with the whisperings, is marvellously spooky. I think putting them in a homely setting is inspired. Backed - lynn Lynn Clayton Deadly Nevergreen Gerry McCullough This is a very unusual and interesting pitch, and you draw us in to read more about young Billy and the mining community he comes from. You begin by giving us Billy's background, going first to his mother Molly and then back further to Molly's parents, especially her father Dennis. Dennis is a swindler and, eventually, an unfaithful husband who walked out on his wife and child for a young girl. You tell this story with a great deal of detail which brings the place and the people to life, and helps us to understand the world in which Billy grows up. You write in a straightforward, readable style, and your characters are well drawn and believable. Gerry McCullough Belfast Girls Alan Chaput Molly is warm, caring and sympathetic. Your descriptions are cinematic. For example, your description of Milan's garden. Your vivid narrative is tight, well-paced and packed with interesting content. You enrich your storytelling with marvelous metaphors such as comparing Milan to a 'mute Magician with no songs to recite.' Your storyline is addictive. This is a stunning, sinister tale, masterfully told. Alan Chaput Savannagh Passion Marshal Warren Well written, well said. My own grandfather was killed in a coal mining accident, and the ghost of that loss still lingers in the entire family with its cosmic effect, as it does in this excellent portrayal. A fascinating concept and read.Backed - Marsh Marshal Warren Sunrise,Sunset Brandon Steppan Hooked since the very beginning. You do a great job of keeping the reader interested. Your structure allows for fast paced reading. You have a tone in your narrative that gives the reader comfort amidst chaos. Definitely something I would buy. Great job, backed with plenty of confidence. Brandon Steppan Sandcastles Dont Melt Above The Clouds< Less
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First Edition
Evans and Kovac
January 5, 2011
Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink
Black & white
1.21 lbs.
Dimensions (inches)
5.83 wide x 8.26 tall
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