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  • By Maggie Larche
    Sep 13, 2011
    Not really a kid's book, but a clever look at government-worship and it's effects!
  • By Trevor Schaben
    Dec 8, 2009
    First decent new children's book I've seen in the last 15 years. Maybe children can learn something about where government subsidies come from before they take up the causes of Captain Planet and why fuzzy critters, cute ocean critters, cola loving polar pears, and all the little children who breath air need big government.
  • By Donald Cameron
    Oct 30, 2009
    Lol, an instant classic. I'm forwarding this to a half a dozen parents I know who will greatly appreciate it, as will their children. Congratulations!
  • By Cyril Gutzman
    Oct 30, 2009
    I am nine years old. My name is Cyril. In 29 pages, with three blanks, this book shows how stupid Matt Miles (look down further for his dumb review. He sounds like he works for the government.) really is. It shows that he has no clue that we can do some of this stuff WITHOUT the government. Why do we need it? And besides, why does the government have to own the roads? Why can't we have builders own their own roads? What I am basically saying is, this shows how stupid the government is, and that we really don't need it. And about this tax thingy, why can't we take money and spend it what we want to spend it on, too? Why can't we print our own money and inflate, too? And the constitution says that we should make money with only silver and gold. What is up with that?
  • By Tim Kaiser
    Oct 30, 2009
    In 32 pages, the author manages to illustrate exactly how preposterous the state really is. In the central argument against taxes, Little Mommy is told for her parent's taxes she gets roads and post offices and schools. But actually, taxes are stolen money, used to set up monopolies called "state boards" by which the obstetrician could be controlled by the state, so that he couldn't practice as the market allowed. And the pre-natal vitamins her mommy took had to be approved by the "FDA", in order to provide a subsidy to a pharmaceutical company so that it could continue to exercise its oligopolistic tendencies and enslave people who needed drugs. And the federal auto safety standards were implemented by taxes in Little Mommy's first ride home in Daddy's car from the hospital and all drives thereafter, which, of course, do nothing to keep anyone safe, but do indeed provide jobs for otherwise worthless tax parasites (bureaucrats). Then there's the police department... More > that pretends to keep the family safe, while actually not doing much except tasing innocent individuals and allowing poorly educated high-school graduates to swagger around with a gun and a badge, and the USDA that pretends, but fails, to maintain the safety of produce, meats, and dairy to be free from salmonella and E-Coli (remember all the salmonella outbreaks? Obviously the USDA isn't working all that well...). And then there's the EPA that taxes people to pretend to the air breathable and water drinkable, as though before the EPA everybody was asphyxiated and died of water poisoning. And before Daddy lost his job, his company was brought into existence by entrepreneurialism, stifled by local law, and having absolutely nothing to do with any "federal court system". And if they fly to see Grandma on holidays (or Grandma flies to see them) it's the FAA that interferes with free enterprise, and prevents small carriers from finding a way to get them there faster, cheaper, and more safely. Yes, this is just a sample of what Mommy and Daddy get for the taxes they pay. Oppression, interference, and LOADS AND LOADS of tax parasites who do essentially nothing useful but use other (productive) people's money and live off them like ticks on a dog. And when Little Mommy gets older, she might get to participate in the looting of her fellow citizens, by getting them to pay for her Pell Grants, state grants, or National Direct Student Loans - all funded by taxes. Not to mention that Little Mommie doesn't have to be responsible for Mommy and Daddy's livelihood or medical expenses and medication in their golden years, since they will be long gone, having starved to death because they were stupid enough to depend only on Social Security, or foolish enough to hope that some tax parasite would "help" them with Medicare. Finally, terrorism is employed by the state, when the Grown Up Mommy's child is taken away by the evil Social Services lady because she to administer his prescribed behavior meds. Little Mommie and hubby are thrown in jail and the children are in foster care. A perfect example of the idiocy of the overpowering, totalitarian state. Well, I've looked high and low on the Internet and could find many such incidents happening in this country. This is the standard Statist scare tactic, which describe true, but almost unbelievable scenarios of "big government" depriving the people of all their freedoms and coming to take you away. Which happens, all the time. This is why Little Mommy needs to have an AK-47 for her 10th birthday. And learn to shoot it, well. The whole idea that the "state" can do anything but have a monopoly on violence and theft (which is, in fact, exactly what the state IS) is so preposterous, I'm honestly not sure "Matt Miles" lives here on Earth, on in some fantasy land where all is goodness and light. In any case, the government schools have done a great job of indoctrinating him, because it is clear that he is completely unable to think for himself or do anything other than parrot the ideas that were implanted into his gullible and, dare I say, stupid mind years ago.< Less
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Bretigne Shaffer
March 7, 2011
Saddle-stitch Paperback
Interior Ink
Full color
0.45 lbs.
Dimensions (inches)
8.5 wide x 11 tall
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