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  • By Ann
    Jun 1, 2011
    This book supports Charlene's previous book, "GREAT FLAME WITHIN - The Story of a Forgotten Master" and it contains channeled messages from her students' guides supporting what was happening to her, along with reports of their own out-of-body experience or their own soul interchange. There are also channeled messages from her students' guides telling of their love for this great master, her guide. The complete story of her experience is contained in, "GREAT FLAME WITHIN - The Story of a Forgotten Master". "Why, in this day of much enlightenment, do we need non-truths to allow a truth?" . . . . . "ETERNITY PROVEN" and "GREAT FLAME WITHIN - The Story of a Forgotten Master" set the record straight about something that is still going on today. Also, in this book she shares some of her dreams and their interpretations; verses from the Bible relating to spirits and reincarnation; channeled messages; what she learned about Nostradamus; soul... More > interchange explained; her own "soul journeying" of many of her lifetimes and shared lifetimes, and much more. She also shares with us what is required to become a master metaphysician. In one of the chapters she presents a glimpse of an amazing "entry" into one of her lifetimes in the chapter, "Zenora - A Past Life Recall". That story I'd love to hear more about too! This is an excellent book and I'm so glad it is being shared now.< Less
  • By Alan Parratt
    Dec 8, 2010
    Review of Eternity Proven. By Charlene Lerch Our world today is gradually waking up to great changes around then. People’s belief systems are been shattered. So there is a desperate grasp to hold on to sanity wherever possible. The first reaction is to look for a master as we usually take the humble approach that we are ignorant and know nothing. So many after exhausting the known religions will want to understand the teaching of the Ascended masters. This book of Charlene will provide that teaching along with proof of the life after life. It does also hint about going further then the ascended masters teaching thus making this book excellent for taking the first steps into metaphysical understanding. So having left the teaching of the ascended masters years ago I dived in knowing not to expect too much. If I did expect then I would only inflate the position of masters whom I regard as only masters of their own domain. My first disagreement with this book is that it says a walkin can... More > only come in with permission from the Grand Council and Universal allowance. I know the Angel realm can by pass this grand council and get past their controllers by sending in Angelic beings by stealth in a total state of ignorance. This is only a minor disagreement compared to the benefit Charlene makes to our understanding of channelling and walkins. Charlene clearly demonstrates that when a walkin occurs the mind of the being who walked out still has an influence. Indeed the mind is carried within the DNA. Charlene speaks of a war in heaven or in this case the 4D. The 4D is a vast dimension far bigger then the 3D so all manner and types of souls could and do exist within the 4D. I myself was first aware of this war in heaven back in 2001 so Charlene has experience that predates mine and most Metaphysical students. Although it was revealed to me that I had also experienced a walkin experience back in 1976. I love Charlene’s description of Boyace as a knight in shinning armour coming to her rescue. The same description was given to me by someone called Luxor in 2002. The men take on the role of the knight is armour while the females are there so the man can break the image of the female domination earlier in their life. Yes Charlene hit a-pun the root cause that binds us humans in ignorance. No wonder there was a group of spiritual beings trying to attack her. There is definitely a group of spiritual beings that hope to keep us in ignorance. Charlene description of the actual soul transfer is amazing. Apparently our sub conscious mind is carried by our soul. So only the conscious mind must be carried by the DNA. Charlene says that it is the sub conscious mind that is programmed till the age of 4 to 5. After that our conscious mind takes over. This is also the age that was given to me by Luxor as being the age we loose our Cosmic connection. Alarm bells flashed when I got to the section, “Now thanks to Yahweh...” Yahweh I know only to be a hill side God. In fact the twin of Yahweh is Allah whom I had an aspect within me. As least that was what I thought a few years ago I now understand the twin of Allah to be Isis. I still know Yahweh is only a watcher and not a doer. So with Yahweh involved we have the making of a good story. Excitement builds in me and hopefully other readers. I might add that Yahweh was also involved with a person know as Sai Baba , in fact Yahweh has dabbled with many beings. It is all part of the learning experience. I understand Charlene’s situation with regards to her former husband indeed I am to a degree in the same boat with my current wife. If is hard for one on the spiritual path to keep all their old friends and family relations. I personally had a vision with my daughter Jade where she was trying to reach me I put out my arm but she fell. We both have intense desires to assist the greater good in our own ways. Her description of her past life as Pythagoras is one of my mentors in my past life as Girodano Bruno. Funny as past lives seem to intertwine. Just as present lives intertwine. Nostradamus brought up even more emotion. Indeed Nostradamus was very switched on. Indeed I myself was on a Nostradamus email list in the year 1999 and always had an interest in him. I quote , “ Nostradamus said, "When people are desperate out of fear, then it’s the doctor's job to fight that fear and help them get stronger. Fear comes foremost from unfulfilled desires.” Fear in my view comes from separation. You are separated from something and you yearn for that thing. This yearning is called desire. I will add too that when one rises above desires then one rises above the Divine level. Above the Divine level is the Eternal level. The way out it through, Do not renounce your desires like some monk but go through them and understand their root cause. Charlene talks of people receiving sexual spiritual attacks. These are real and myself have had one. My solution to stop it was to meditate on an ancient energy known as Santa Claus. The other name for Santa is Satan. Indeed Satan is the cosmic energy that created the current realm where Earth is in. He is not the big bad demon as painted by the Catholic church. Many in the metaphysical world discount the power of the Ancients. The Ancients come down from Lord Brahma and are far more powerful then any spirit and even the council of elders. Indeed it is my understanding that the Council of Elders will soon retire from Earth. This book of Charlene I feel is of great benefit for those searching for truth. Remember truth is non-stop with many layers over layers. To sum up I say that Charlene’s book here is vital reading to expand our spiritual understanding. Our world’s population is being dumbed down by a false light spiritual paradigm. Some call them the illumarti. We all must learn how to be strong and not give our power away. I agree with Charlene attitude of questioning everything. This book clearly shows there is a rabbit hole so are you brave enough to go down it or do you want to stay in total ignorance.< Less
  • By Helen Demetriou
    Nov 10, 2010
    I learned a lot of new tactics with this book. I was able to follow the instructions easily and successfully. I really love it when I resonate with something as it confirms that I had followed my guidance in my choice of read. Charlene is a fantastic writer and is able to express in a language which is easy to understand by everyone.
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Charlene Lerch
October 13, 2010
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