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  • By Eric Hoffman
    May 16, 2014
    Great retro-clone of Gamma World. Simple rules with plenty of room for GM tinkering. Enough monsters to run a campaign straight out of the random encounter tables but simple enough to create new threats on the fly.
  • By carl_gnash
    Oct 15, 2009
    "Mutant Future" I love post-apocalyptic stuff. A lot. I would have to rank this as among the best RPG purchases that I have ever made. Mutant Future is a self-contained game in one book, with a complete character generation system, a simple combat system based on the Labyrinth Lord (itself an emulator of the B/X D&D rules)ruleset,a comprehensive selection of monsters and, of course, loot (technological artifacts that replace the magic items of your garden variety D&D). Character generation is a blast with the random mutation mechanic - my players were howling with laughter at the crazy combinations that were coming up. There is only one "class" in Mutant Future; variety in character roles comes from the different mutations. As this is a review, I should mention that if balance is a primary concern of yours, you may have to abandon the random rolling of mutations. It is completely possible to get a super-powered starting character, as well as a dud with... More > nothing going for them. I personally just houseruled that if you had more negative than beneficial mutations in any category, you could choose to reroll all of your mutations. This worked well, and everyone has a character that can contribute. The gameplay mechanics of combat, movement, morale, etc. are very solid, simple and easy to learn. There are no feats or skills here (barring the technology roll, a skill-like ability used to figure out/repair ancient artifacts), so players used to games that spell those sort of things out may take some gentle encouraging to simply roleplay everything that a skill check or use of a feat would have covered for them in the past. My group has taken to this easily, and combat is filled with daring maneuvers as they describe what they are attempting and I come up with a modifier to their attack roll on the spot. This is a very "old-school" system, in that the Mutant Lord (DM) will be required to make many rulings to keep the game moving forward. IMO, this is a strength as it prevents constant rules-lawyering as the players disagree with a DM's interpretation and consult the pile of rulebooks. A good example of this quality can be found in the mutation descriptions. Many mutations leave quite a bit up to the discretion of the Mutant Lord; when you teleport, can you take gear with you? How much? When you bend and refract light, can you re-aim the laser guidance system that was targeting you onto another object, or can you merely dissipate it? Etc. One of the truly remarkable things about this book is the wide variety of unique monsters presented in its pages. The spider-goat may be the most infamous, but everything that I have thrown at the PCs has worked and worked well. In similar fashion, the lists of technological artifacts provide an admirably complete set of future weapons and armor, medical devices and general doohickeys for player amusement. I will close this review by saying that fans of TSR's old Gamma World game will find that this game is by and large compatible with Gamma World products. I have used portions of the Legion of Gold and Famine in Far-Go in my own sessions, and I have dropped a lot of the original monsters in without having to a do a lot of tweaking. Almost all of the original mutations have some sort of counterpart, most of them a direct analog, in Mutant Future(I only have the 1st and 2d editions of Gamma World, I cannot speak to compatibility with later editions). In conclusion, this game KICKS ASS! I have been having more fun running sessions of it than I have in a long time, and my players agree whole-heartedly. Give it a chance, for the price it is a true bargain.< Less
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Product Details

Goblinoid Games
December 15, 2010
Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink
Black & white
1.14 lbs.
Dimensions (inches)
8.5 wide x 11 tall
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