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  • By Darrin E. Delzer
    Jan 8, 2013
    UPDATE: Thank You To All My Readers and for the emails and letters I have received, as they mean a lot to me. I especially enjoy the letters of continued encouragement and a passion for my work and to ignore the person(s) who made up bad reviews in an attempt to dismay me. I promise you I have a dragon's heart and these words of disrespectful people fall upon my ears lost in the sound of rushing air, as I fly across the night's sky of dreams.
  • By Jason Coen
    Sep 1, 2011
    Hello, I was given this book as a Birthday Gift from my family who all know that I love fantasy and have gone through pretty much everything out there. I must say this is a very special book! Its cover art is very pulling on the eyes and mind, (yes this book makes you think about stuff in real life) I had other gifts, but honestly I couldn't put this book down and I hadn't really started reading it yet. But when I did, let me tell you this reads different. One reviewer here said it was not mordern Enlish, but it isn't like Old dark ages English either, it's different and honestly I believe this is how Mr. Delzer has seized the voice of a dragon, come on seriously like Delgotha would speak perfect English? Once I started reading, it does have a slow start, but needed, I couldn't put it down. The Winds of Death, chapter 3, is where this baby takes off, chapters 1 and 2 are very well done as well, but it's all intro, needed as I have read this book at least 6 times! Awesome Book! That is... More > why I gave it 5 stars, it's an original in story, a Dragon telling you what happened and Why we think Dragons are mythical? Come on, that's awesome! And yes there is an under story here about betrayal and I agree I have no way of telling where or how it's going to end, I seriously doubt it involves tea, it's heavy and dark. This is what we should have had not H.P. Although, Harry was very good too, this is a so way better read for adults. When I was reading it on the tube someone asked about it, and I said wizards, and dragons, she then said oh like Harry Potter? I said yeah just like that except Harry would have been killed along time ago in this book. I'm just saying it is a different, heavier, darker, and a much richer story that is original. And I will Agree with Ms. Willows, I don't believe that any of bad reviews here are real ones, they look like they had read a bit of the sample chapters of the book and then forked out garbage and striked a personal attack on Mr. Delzer, they all read the same as if a single person or two wrote them and if you read alot like me you can tell. Any one who has read this book would agree the bad reviewers had not read the full book. Also, LOL they make fun of his abilities in English and they themselves not only had a million wrong words either spelled wrong, or used wrong, but LOL they spelled English with a lowercase 'e'. Probably a freaky ex that's all I'm saying. Sorry didn't mean to be this long. , BUY THIS BOOK!!! Mr. Delzer 5 words: Great Job, Book Two Please!< Less
  • By Deb Wells
    Feb 2, 2010
    READERS LOOKING FOR A GREAT FANTASY DO NOT PASS THIS ONE The words in this book make you think, one of my favorite passages is found on page 227 at the end of Chapter 14 Death of the Undead King, "This is what they didn't want the future Kings of Man to bare witness to, not to the demise of the undead leaders, but to their own demise of being led by fools who call themselves wizards, and even worse; fools who call themsleves Kings." The Kings of War deal with a lot and it is well strung together describing everything, places, the characters, Dragons, the Undead Necromancers, Warlocks, and much, much more! The wizard staves are of a great design, I can picture them from the way Delzer recasts them into my heart. I have had dreams about the world of Delgotha, so it does a great deal for the price. The names of the characters look harder then they are, Ghomet for example I thought ended with a 'met' sort of sound but in the character list and how to say them its pronounced with... More > a 'may' ending, after reading that as well as the others its NO SWEAT. I will say that the super tough ones, are mentioned only once or twice, yet their prescence is still present, the War in this book is awesome to read, it's named after the sub title of the book, THE KINGS OF WAR, the hugest chapter in the entire book, it's 41 awesome pages that keep you going! The amount of magic and damage delt, the combat between the living, undead, magic casters, and mortals is off the hook, oh and don't get me started on the dragons! There are many dragons in this book, what they look like, where they came from, names, and places, far out there!!! I wished there was perhaps something more on them, but from the way Delzer leaves you hanging at the end, I think in book 2 its probably going to be a lot more about the Dragons, afterall it would have to be as this is a story about Delgotha telling a writer, (could the writer be Delzer, see makes you think) what happened tot he dragons and why we think they are myth. This book also makes me wonder how it all ends, how does Delgotha know events to tell the writer that he wasn't present for, and what was Razinthall, (Razz-In-Thall) smiling at in the beginning when he left his room? These are threads we all know, but they are there, many writers now of fantasy sort of start them but then answer them right away, or you guess where its going. Delgotha doesn't do that, it lets you think, but you aren't lost either. I have no clue and I am loving this book for it, where its going to wrap up. It reads that this is an Epic fantasy that's a many-dimensioned Saga its no joke either. There's also something I think other have tip-toed around on, the wrods of Delgotha in the To The Reader, reads like a self help, something I have never heard of, its a fan-freaking-tastic Fantasy, AND a self help too? YUPE I think it is. How neat is it that someone wrote about their real life pain and wrapped it all up in a fantasy blanket! The Delgotha webpage here in LULU tells that Delgotha is about betrail, the path of over coming, and forgiveness, lessons we all need to learn I think. BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Darrin for this book and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING< Less
  • By Alex Keep
    Feb 2, 2010
    My Mom bought this book for me to read while I was getting better in the hospital home now, and I have read this book several times and I was betrayed by my best friend who stabbed me in the back, anyway I am feeling this sort of story coming through Delgotha and it helps me, strange I know this is, but like the words from Delgotha, "Not all Dragons are good,..." he is ever so correct on that, but no one ever put it like that, Darrin has a way with words and honestly I thought I knew everything about fantasy being a fan, but he brings in something new, other then making me feel good about myself, bringing about new ideas to Delgotha to add to the fantasy lover, there is this feeling from his words almost as if you are reading something missing from our history books. Hard to place, but all in all I agree this book rocks, and I am reading this more then I am my Harry Potter books, which were with me at the hospital and here in my room, I love them still, but this is something... More > that is on a totally different scale, (No Pun intended) I don't have very many friends, but those I do have I am telling them to buy this one, God I wish they would make a movie on Delgotha!!!< Less
  • By Sam Livingston
    Feb 2, 2010
    Doesn't the cover just speak to you? It does as does the rest of the book. I have found this to be a wonderful story, well written, great art, the characters are unique, what an imagination Mr. Delzer has. The bad reviews in here do read alike by the way, I find it odd that so many have given it 5 stars and the bad reviews left either nothing or two, those are people that either don't like Mr. Delzer, or they themselves are RATED R, as one of the bad reviews gave. I looked on the Delgotha Store front Book II: The Slaves of Wizards is coming and I am so excited to read it. I do think the price is a bit high for this book but its 331 pages and if you know lulu its hard to make a book here cheap with that many pages, I can tell however that Mr. Delzer tried, but pointless, I WOULD BUY THIS BOOK AND OTHERS KNOWING WHAT I DO NOW FOR THIS PRICE NO PROBLEM!!! Final note: Simply put THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST FANTASY STORIES I HAVE EVER READ. Shame its not put out by a bigger Publishing Firm... More > that probably rejected it, HUGE MISTAKE!!!!!< Less
  • By Alberta Blackstone
    Feb 2, 2010
    I can't believe the some of the bad reviews for DELGOTHA, I have this book and I am so glad I got it!!! One of those rare finds on LuLu when the sandman was late one night. I have to guess here but these bad reviews from people read alot alike, I am wondering if its some freak that's jelous of Mr. Delzer, a great writer with this epic story, who they themselves must be a horrible person to write such garbage and lies and are a failure in their own work, I am going as far as to suggest the idea that this person probably never finished anything other then the bad reviews of the next and in my oppinion the next up and coming High Fantasy author, oh and maybe he/she finished breathing. I do not agree with the bad reviews at all! Yes the names of the characters are either alien sounding or hard to prounounce, but you move on, most of the complaints from the good reviews complain about SOMETHING NEW??? I am laughing, finally something new that super breaks the steel box frame that is a... More > dragon story we thought we'd seen it all, this comes along and people complain that the writing still is different (NEW) and the names are hard to pronounce (ALSO NEW) so I so WAAAA, I have no complaints about this book it ROCKS BUY IT!!!< Less
  • By Franklin King
    Feb 2, 2010
    ONE OF THE BEST READS EVER!!!! I could go into great lengths as others have, but in Short this one is going places!!! Awesome Story, I WANT MORE, Mind and heart capturing Art and Characters, I STILL WANT MORE!!! I have noticed this is the first edition, I am buying another to keep in its plastic shipping box, its gonna be worth something some day I just know it!!! BRAVO!!!!
  • By kalera
    Jan 31, 2010
    I really don't know where to begin. This book injured my sensibilities to the extent that it actually caused physical pain. From the stilted descriptions to the clumsy conjunctions to an overabundance of adjectives that would make Tom Robbins recoil, the author's writing skills are such that they make Dan Brown look like the Samuel Clemens of suspense by comparison. Here, my friends, is a passage from the beginning of the book, and I am not even making this up: "On his dead sickly pale looking horse, with parts of insides and a skeleton face showing, rides lord Graven who firmly grasps the old black leather straps that have been sewn into the flaps of flesh that over time have peeled back and has been exposed to the elements of speed and the rushing of wind." This is only the beginning. It gets worse from there... much, much worse. The staggering overuse of passive voice alone would make even a New York Times editor seize up. I am praying, right now, that the author is... More > twelve. This would be sheer genius, coming from a twelve year old who has not yet had the opportunity to learn the most fundamental elements of creative writing. I am also praying that this twelve-year-old goes on to take some college English courses and maybe a writing class or two. Although the premise of the book was - maybe - kind of promising, I must confess that the wretched prose so bruised my literary aesthetic that I was unable to finish it. I have no doubt that at some point I will, if only for the humor potential. This brings me to why I gave it two stars. Do you remember "My Immortal"? Widely deemed the worst fanfiction, and possibly the worst novel of any kind ever written? Well, for the sheer painful amusement this book has brought me, I had to give it something, as it will live on in my memory forever alongside My Immortal.< Less
  • By Rupert Hawthorne
    Jan 30, 2010
    Interesting, Different, Moving, Unique, these are some of the words I would use if asked to describe Delgotha book I: The kings of war !!! Right at the beginning you can tell it's different, Delgotha gives you a message to the reader, TO THE READER! How wonderful is that, I know of no book anywhere that a fictional character has a message to you, the reader. This is a nice effect, a great touch in setting the table and gives a hand in bringing about the sense that you are being pulled into Delgotha's painful past. Not recomended for a 10 year old, 13 on up. My Wife is not a fantasy reader, however I caught her reading this book, tears were falling from her eyes, she was moved by the story, the pain, found in a fantasy, this crying came about during the chapter titled THE KINGS OF WAR. I will get the down side or cons out right now, yes the character names are a bit odd, and can be a challenge to read, a sort of snag as you go along, however if one takes the time as the author did, in... More > reading the character list, you soon find that they really begin to flow. I am glad that they're not named Rick, Bob, and Pete. And the style of this book is Unique, it reads as if it were written by not using modern English, that's the best way to say it. And there are a few misspelled words, but it is a first edition, I have seen them before published from big names, from big publishing houses, no biggy. However, this style or angle of approch does give the feeling that you are having a Dragon tell you the story. I can understand how Mr. Delzer tried to grant us a vision of how a dragon would speak, and honestly it is a breath of fresh air, as it is not the same ol'same old. It is a new look and feel on the Dragon theme. I have read this book four times, because I am finding new things about it, and also the second book isn't out yet. I do seriously HOPE that Mr. Delzer doesn't give in and let the people in here who had given such distasteful personal character bashings of him, and quit. Odd it is, as one reviewer noted that a book could anger so many people. For that reason alone BUY IT! Please trust me when I say if you love Fantasy, Magic, Dragons, a great story, and you want to get lost in a new world, PICK THIS BOOK UP, don't listen to the bad reviews, which I strongly disagree with. I have to ask and wonder did you people even read the book? I am very much looking forward to Book 2!!!< Less
  • By Annette Sostarich
    Jan 29, 2010
    Pros: Imaginative, interesting characters, alien sounding (If you read the pronunciation guide) names, detailed story line, good artwork, and the fact that it seems to have gotten some people upset enough to contemplate mayhem. PEOPLE! GET A LIFE! IT'S ONLY A BOOK!! If you don't like it, just say so and move on, without going into personal attacks and melodrama. Cons: It was a slow read due to the writing style - kind of like a book written in dialect, but more jarring at times. Unlike some of the folks out there with 15 second attention spans, I did read the whole thing and mostly enjoyed it. It would have been a better read if the author had made it a little closer to standard English. It's kind of like watching a movie and some effect or badly done prop reminds you "This is a Movie!" just as you're getting absorbed in the story. My advice to you who attack the author's character instead of criticizing his work: It's because of losers like you that politics is such a... More > filthy business that no honorable person wants to be a public servant, for fear of being thrown under the bus. Try not to do anything else embarrassing, and stick to reading Tweets from now on.< Less
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