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  • By Godsmountains Lightways
    May 31, 2010
    I have not read this book. I would love to own a copy in my library. Base on the author's brief on the subject "secret language or code" of God in His creations - I am in agreement with the writer. 'YES', God is infinite - His end or beginning is not revealed to man because man have gone far away from the Creator - God. The more man veer from God, the less man see of God. Man disconnecting from the Creator is not a miscommunication but lack of communication, at all. There is intelligent life elsewhere. "If man negate ultimately rendering 'SELF' with purpose to good service in the Universal Mansions that God created with grand beauty therefore, man is directly refusing to know more or acquire the universal or cosmic intelligence that would quicken the drive, one-by-one, to unlocking and healing the ailments facing man". The Days the book of Revelation foretold is here and we are living in it. Do we agree? Can every man take a guess on the return of God to this... More > Universal Mansion - Our Planet Earth. Look at how destructive man is to the 'Earth". It is just like destroying the very same bed that you sleep. Where is man's second material home? Mars? Where? Man produces chemicals that he has no storage. Man takes on battles that he pays the ultimate price. Man stores wealth that he can never exhaust in his lifetime while, others suffers. Isn't unequal distribution of God's universal wealth a crime against humanity and a sin before God-of-all-Creations. The Heaven is crying upon the earth for lack of sanity. God is willing to do more, if man is willing to sacrifice 'SELF' (his heart) to God.< Less
  • By David Sereda
    Jul 6, 2008
    "Re: Good book, bad publishing" The new version is edited, corrected and some new additions.
  • By JT
    Mar 23, 2008
    "Well worth buying and reading" I can honestly say that very few if any books have changed my thinking so dramatically as this one. I've appreciated Mr. Sereda's candor in responding to my email questions. Here is an excerpt: Dear David, Here's my frame of mind. Your concept of Singularity represents and increase of Two Shock Levels for me. By this I mean the scalar reference to Future shock. Humans generally are only able to move up one shock level at a time without any adverse reaction. The basic scale is represented by Shock Levels 0 to 4. I'm at about an SL2 and your Concept is an SL4 event. I've had a teacher feeding me information and ideas that are generally only 1 level above me, and I've been okay with that so far. Then he introduced me to your work, which instantly freaked me out. I would be like having that UFO you spoke about, land in your back yard then next they come inside to sit down and chat with you about very advanced idea's. So with that said, I'm... More > stumbling forward, trying like mad to stay on my feet and not collapse into a heap of mental goo. What this was like for me is similar to what you describe when confronting God. The blinding light of a thousand suns. My analogy is a bit different. Imagine if you will, driving your car at night down a dimly lit freeway. You see the occasional and obvious signage along the roadway (standard information), punctuated by the blinding lights of oncoming traffic (new ideas and concepts). But as you gaze to the left or right on your journey, there is pretty much darkness and vague outlines of whatever is there. You know something is there, you just cannot see it. Now imagine, suddenly, that God light you spoke of, lighting up the landscape, which was previously hidden from you. Now it is ALL visible in the blinding hot white light of the singularity!! Now just try keeping your car on that same road! I'm seeing things I never knew even existed before. That is shocking in the extreme. Herein lays the road to madness or salvation. Right now I've just stopped my car and I'm trying to process all this new information (new to me). Then I can decide which way to proceed. It will not be easy to acknowledge that I may be on the wrong road altogether! Now I do have one question, and this may stem from not fully understanding your intended meaning. It concerns your statement: "What is consciousness?" If I follow your line of reasoning in that chapter, we created the universe through duality? I'm getting hung up on some of your analogies, like viewing the universe through hubble shows us billions and billions of galaxies. But is that due to the fact we believe we will see something? The observers are creating the world around them? So if I follow that thinking, and apply it to the middle ages, when man believed the world was "flat", then at that time it actually was "flat"? I might be oversimplifying your explanations, but I'm caught in a bit of a casual loop." .... I like this letter. Now, we are co-creating our limitation in this universe. We only see the dual aspects of it because the collective consciousness agrees to. The code on mass (atoms) prevents us from seeing our universe in real time. That means there "is" a universe in real time, but we are not experiencing it. When we get this, we realize this is an illusion only we are experiencing and we are trapped in it. The fact that we cannot experience the light of distant stars in real time shows us we are trapped in some fabric or matrix. Hence, the Nag Hammadi Library, Acts of John, "They cast him down to the lowest region of all matter." That matter is our very fabric and matrix. We are in a spell. ds< Less
  • By azixe
    Jul 16, 2007
    "Good book, bad publishing" I am enjoying the read, good theory, making sense to me, some things I have to research more, but good info :) The worst thing about reading this book, is the spelling, grammatical, and other errors that I would not expect to find in a published book. MSWord would even pick up some of the errors. I am no expert on Language Arts, but I did graduate from High School thank you. LOL... not very hard to get 'point' right instead of 'pint', and '(' right instead of '9'. Thanks for the theory David :) Would suggest a different person to type it up next time though :) or at least proof read it before sending it to print. Peace.
  • By drdave616
    Oct 6, 2006
    "Singularity, David Sereda" I found Singularity to be a Grand Marriage of Physics, and Metaphysics, seamlessly woven together with proven Scientific fact. Dave Reid, BioChemist, Statesville,NC
  • By j s
    Sep 29, 2006
    "Correlations" Other authors whose works complement David Sereda's inspired insights include: Jean E. Charon, "Complex Relativity: Unifying All Four Physical Interactions." Insights available even for those with no physics background. Mark L. Prophet, "The Masters and the Spiritual Path;" great diagrams of hierarchical spheres of energy coalescence and geometrization. Http:// Ann Ree Colton and Jonathan Murro, "Galaxy Gate," vol. I and II; insights into other planetary civilizations' influences on Terra. Http:// Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, "Hope for the World: Spiritual Galvanoplasty." Good correlative account of laser and kundalini. Http:// Olga Kharitidi, M.D., "The Master of Lucid Dreams." This Russian-American psychiatrist worked on out-of-body-inducing apparatus at a major Soviet physics lab, and successfully integrated shamanic techniques into her psychiatric hospital... More > practice. Free and Wilcock, "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?" Http:// This time around, the lifestream which brought forth the Edgar Cayce soul initiative is, as prophesized, more interested in correlating physics and Spirit. William A. Tiller, Ph.D., "Some Science Adventures with Real Magic." Http:// World-class crystals engineering professor, also powerful meditator, has a SU(2)-related theory re Soul and Matter influence. Mother Meera, "Answers." She is a Divine incarnation, and accessible via a simple mantram given in this book. She works beyond spacetime to smooth out knots of entanglement in a person's energy field. Each of the authors has other books in print. All complement David Sereda's work and insights, in different levels and venues of interest.< Less
  • By Eva Tame
    Sep 28, 2006
    "This is Good" David Sereda created a book which is one of the scientific attempts at explaining the path of initiation or the path of ascension, as walked by innumerable unascended beings throughout the millennia. His is a wonderful try at explaining it from the physical point of view, though amply illustrated by references to the Kabala and the Tree of Life, as well as to the lost teachings of Jesus and the Naghamadhi scripts. I am most impressed by his uncanny ability to connect time and space as relevant to this path. Yes - these are the two coordinates which signify the path of the Divine Mother [time] and the path of the Buddha [space]. Ascension follows one's fulfilment of his/her divine plan, after incarnations of error and truth, after balancing one's karma and fulfiling service to life. David refers to inertia as one of the main problems on this trek. Yes, inertia is yet another name for the load of karma, both personal and planetary - which we must transmute... More > or undo, before this weight could disappear, before we raise and expand the narrow room of our consciousness and are ready to ascend. So, let's get on with it . . . May You Win All the Way! Eva Victoria Tame< Less
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Third Edition
David Sereda
August 26, 2007
Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink
Black & white
1.13 lbs.
Dimensions (inches)
8.5 wide x 11 tall
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