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My Autobiography has the sole purpose to educate the public that not all Amish are alike. It is against Swartzentruber Amish ordnung to report child abuse to the local authorities. The local legal system is very reluctant to get involved in Amish child abuse cases. The long tern effect of abuse on a child is astronomical.
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  • By David Yoder
    Jun 28, 2010
    : Perhaps people like you are the reason that most victims don't like to come forward. What you said about Amish Deception is false. # 1, the death of my niece Amanda was never investigated ever. To say otherwise is being dishonest. I challenge you to provide a case number to Amanda's case that you stated that was investigated and the allegations were unfounded. # 2, The statement you two have made about Amish Deception's message board is also absolutely false. I have never blocked anyone for disagreeing with me. The half a dozen people that I have blocked over the last decade were for the following reasons. They refused to keep their opposition on a professional level. One of you accuse me of being a Hit man. And you state that you was going to have me investigated for being a Hit Man and have me arrested. Did you honestly expect me not to delete that ludicrous comment and block you from further posting on our message board. To the contrary to what you two have posted here, I welcome... More > people who disagree with me on a professional level. It gives me an opportunity to debate them. # 3, When you stated that the FBI is investigating Amish Deception, it is not only false, it is also very irresponsible. I challenge you to provide a case number to your alleged FBI investigation in to Amishdeception. My question to the both of you, is how would you like if I made a statement like that about either one of you ? I'm just curious wouldn't you accuse me of slandering your names? Let me repeat, I am not nor have I ever been under investigation by the FBI concerning Amish Deception. # 4, I never ask you or anyone else to purchase Amish Deception. The only reason that I have publish Amishdeception is because people kept asking where can I buy Amishdeception. What I have written in Amishdeception is factual to the best of my ability. If you wish to look at our Amish culture with a unrealistic view point than you should stay away from material such as what I have written. The truth is not always what we would like to hear. nor is it always popular to say. I do not get any pleasure speaking out against my Amish relatives, to the contrary it deeply pains me . However once culture must first recognize that they have a problem with physical and sexual abuse issues before they can fix them. # 5, My intentions are not to offend any of you, but when you make a false statement that I am under investigation by the FBI according to a blog who has since been taken down,You base your information on that type site . I have to correct that. And when you also make a false statements that little Amanda death was investigated and that my allegations were unfounded,I have to correct that as well. I just wish you were more careful where you get your information against Amish Deception.These allegations are very serious and yet they are absolutely false . It might be wise to goggle someone criminal history before you put too much weight into hear say to what they are saying when they make very serious allegations against someone as you have against Amishdecetion. # 6, Again I challenge you to provide the following case numbers: # 1 the case number to my niece Amanda's death that you falsely stated that was investigated and my allegations were unfounded concerning Amanda's death. Surely you will be able find this information if it exists like you said it does and post it on here. 2nd. the actual case number from the FBI that Amish Deception is being investigated like you said it is. You owe me that much and I think you owe the rest of the readers that much. These are very serious allegations that you made against Amish Deception. I am very sorry that I had to block all of you who have made a comment here on my lulu account from posting on our website message board but your comments on our message board was so far out in left field that it defied common logic." #7, I have never claimed that I was a Hero. Nor have I ever tried to come across as one. ( I am not a Hero nor do I want to be view as one. )For God Sakes I watch my farther chase my sister's and I Couldn't stop him. And you have the nerve to accuse of trying come across as Hero and a Victim. ( Are you guys Nuts. ) I David Yoder only completed the 6th grade due to personal issue I had home. According to people like you ,that was my fault as well. #8, I am not trying to destroyed my Amish culture.I am only trying to get my people to change on how they deal with physical and sexual abuse issue. #9,As to where i got my information on Harvey J Miller. One of you stated that i have only perhaps met Harvey once in passing at a wedding. O really , Harvey brother Sam married my sister Katie and Sam and Katie had moved on our home dairy farm while I was still at home. AS to where did i get my information from on Harvey's alleged victims. O, I don't know perhaps from my Amish relatives. Let me see my wife sister stated that two her sons were victimize by Harvey Miller and numerous other have been victimize by Harvey as well when these little Amish boys work for Harvey on his farm. You see it is you, who don't know what is you are talking about. Or how our Amish ordnung works. When a church member is caught in in molesting children such as Harvey was ,all the information is make public to all the church members within that church district.So my information is not 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th handed down information. Instead my information is from different church members all stating the same thing about Harvey.It is not I who is clueless here it is the both of you. I would love to have and opportunity to professionally debate the both of you about my Amish culture and Amishdeception in a Public format setting. #10,I under stand that Knox County officials did not appreciate Amishdeception handing out flyers about the Harvey J Miller case in Knox Co..I think the mind the set was I dare you challenge us.It was never about challenging anyone it was about doing what is right. Harvey had confessed to molesting numerous Little Amish boys . Harvey even had stated that he could not name all his victims at that time. Our complaint against Harvey J Miller had fell on deaf hears in the pasted with knox Co; officials .We were not going to stand by again and watch them take no actions again. I under stand that they might find the need to try and discredit Amishdeception because our previous actions.< Less
  • By Vern Christian
    Nov 17, 2009
    I read this book many years ago when it was available online for free. Reading about the abuse in this book makes one stop to think how terrible people can be and how the victims really do need someone to help them. In my mind I commended David for being an advocate for these victims. I wouldn't know it until years later that I would be one of those people helping out an Amish person who just so happened to be a victim in David E Yoders book that he claimed to be the abuser. It is now obvious through the proceedings that has transpired over this past year that this autobiography is full of un-truths and has some very damaging accusations against people - people you don't even know and that you are using second-, third-, fourth-hand (and so on) information and you are not giving facts. Well Mr. Yoder, I can now comment on this site since the Harvey Miller case has come to an end. Let me attempt to explain this situation to you and Sam without sensationalizing it as you two do. I have... More > sat back and watched the comments and actions made by you and some of your followers on and off of this board. I know more about the Harvey Miller case than most people, especially you. Before I go further, maybe you should know a little about me. I have been in law enforcement for the past 17 years. I have investigated multiple types of crimes, both civil and criminal. I now know the Harvey Miller family and alleged victims very well. I investigated this case and questioned all involved in a non law enforcement capacity. I am not writing a book or trying to sell a currently published one. I will not use the names of the people involved in an attempt to protect the innocent and the possibility of the future guilty. I became involved with this case the night that an ex-Amish female extorted money from Harvey Miller at his home concerning the sexual allegations that had been posted on your website and in your book for quite sometime previous to that night. She also coerced Harvey into calling 911 to confess that he had raped someone. Until about 1 week after this call, Harvey didn't even know what the definition of rape was. He was told by the girl extorting money, that if you just touched someone, that is rape. Harvey took that to mean even something as simple as a hand shake. That is why Harvey thought that he did wrong and called 911. That call should have never happened. This may sound very strange to educated people, but I am sure that the ex-Amish reading this know what I am talking about due to the Amish lack of formal education and how the Amish are sheltered. An example is an Amish mother having a baby. The children in the house do not even know where the new baby came from. They just know that they have a new brother or sister. Sex is not spoken of. The Amish learn from the animals in the field. Again, Harvey called and confessed to something that he didn't do and had no clear knowledge of what it was. David states that during the investigation of Harvey when Harvey turned himself in believing he had raped "countless victims" and could not state all of them - was in fact Harvey not understanding the meaning of rape. One of the boys that David claimed was raped by Harvey and that David had posted his information in his fliers that he passed all around Harvey's community was questioned by the detectives and it was found that there was nothing inappropriate that took place that could be prosecuted. The Prosecutor and Detectives had all of the information FIRST hand from the "victims" and if there was any evidence of abuse, they would have acted on it and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The detectives that are assigned to these cases do not have any prior relationship with the alleged perpetrator or victim and they will make sure that justice is served; whichever county these types of crimes are commited in. That is how our justice system works. David, I have noticed that you claim to have great knowledge of this Harvey Miller case. I am trying to figure out why there are so many, many discrepancies between the facts of the case and what you wrote. Is it true that you may have met Harvey Miller only once in passing at an Amish wedding many years ago. How many mouths did this information go through from the victims until it reached you? How much was added and changed before it got to you. I believe that you use poor judgement on your quest to assist the victims. You, Sir, leave a wake of your own Amish victims by not having all the correct facts. If you want to be a good citizen and report any crime that you may have knowledge of, great, we welcome it. Then please leave the rest to the Police, Prosecutors, and Courts. That is their job to sort it out. The system may have a few flaws, but it is the best system in the world. Are you aware that the Prosecutor contacted Harvey's Attorney and offered a lesser charge and NO JAIL TIME if Harvey would plead guilty? Did you know that Harvey agreed to that deal to save his Amish community from any further embarrassment? Did you know that Harvey also took the deal to protect his family from testifying in an English court? All of you need to know that Harvey did not do all that was said in the charges. He did however do things that may have gotten him misdemeanor charges. He was given the 2 months in the county jail because he plead guilty. Not because he committed the actual crime stated in the indictment. You may find out more about the legal system in the future, but this is a brief rundown. 1) Crime is committed 2) Crime is discovered....not by the victims, but 3rd and 4th hand to David and Sam 3) Crime is reported to authorities....Good job David and Sam...your job is now done 4) Investigation starts.....David not happy....Detectives move too slow....Harvey not in jail yet.. 5) Witnesses questioned.....David still not happy....He bad mouths Prosecutor, Detectives and English court system.....( Bad move on your part, by the way ) 6) Evidence submitted to Prosecutor by Detectives for possible charges... 7) Awaiting Grand Jury....David not sure what's happening. Has no knowledge of how long the justice system takes....Makes fliers, posts juvenile victim names, dates of birth, home address and then hand delivers around the county of the child victims home. (You guessed and named the wrong children on the flier as victims, by the way) (How many convicted child molesters in that county enjoyed getting that information?) (A child's personal information on a public flier not such a good idea.....YOU THINK?? , apparently you didn't.) 8) Grand Jury meets....Returns with indictment 9) Defendant turns himself in and awaits bond hearing 10) Bond is posted...Defendant is released until trial.....David throws another fit over system formality. 11) Everyone prepares for a trial...David makes more newer fliers and delivers around county again.. 12) Deals are offered 13) Guilty plea is accepted and pre sentence investigation is ordered 14) Sentencing day Sam and David is not happy with 2 months in jail, thinks he needs more.....Just curious, What punishment would you consider as correct in this case? Please let me know if you are using the true facts or what you stated happened as your guide for punishment. Keep in mind that the prosecutor that had ALL the facts on the case recommended NO jail time. It is not just Amish that gets a slap on the wrist. Crimes occur every minute of everyday by all cultures. That is just the way we humans are. Only Jesus was without crime and sin. As you know, Jesus was crucified on a cross for a crime that he did not do. Liars and misinformed people put him there. The rest of us commit crimes, no matter how small, crimes just the same. Court systems and prisons would not be able to hold all of us. Besides, David, you would be pretty lonely walking around the world all by yourself while we sinners were locked away. You chose to take the English lifestyle after moving from Amish to English to Amish to English a couple of times. I feel that if you get off the train, don't walk on the tracks. If you wanted to change things in the Amish culture, you should have remained with your people, worked your way to Bishop or other dominating power, changed the rules, and protected the victims. You are now an outsider whether you like it or not and you will not institute change within the community from there. I have spoken to many Amish about you, David. The only nice thing that they have to say is that you are a liar and a trouble maker, (and not just about this case). That tells me a lot about you as a person because you know how the Amish culture refuses to hold grudges and talk bad about people. My mother always told me "You can go to Hell for lying just as well as you can for stealing" I believe that holds true. We are all just American people, Amish and English alike. We are all trying to make it through this short life here on earth and spend eternity in Heaven. May God help and forgive you for being wicked toward the people that you abandoned. One final thing about the distasteful videos on Youtube about the Amish culture. Are you kidding me? Why would you dress up in costume with a wig and fake beard in order to explain Amish traditions? It would be abundantly more informative if you didn't attempt to make such a mockery of the Amish. You would get a lot further and be taken more serious if you stood there in front of the camera, English as you are, and explain things without demeaning the Amish. "The facts, ma'am, Just the facts". Not what you heard happened or what you think happened. You only get a bad reputation when you continually refuse to let go of what you think and say after you are proven wrong. Just because you say something over, over, and over again does not make it so. David, I am sure that this will be deleted as other posts have been because it doesn't lean toward your thoughts. (Yeah, it was noticed you removed it from your website and also your ill-informed spin on your defense - what have you got to hide!?) Remember, that you do not have control of other web domains and you would not be able to remove it from there. I suggest that you let your readers read this point of view and not force them under just your umbrella of (mis)information. This is really not up for discussion or argument. I just wanted the truth out there. You stated that you will have another book coming out in 2011. I wonder who is doing the research for that book? Will it be using scientific formulas or is it going to just be your opinions again? So apparently you are not a victims advocate - you are trying to sell another book. If someone really wants to read this book. I think that is fine, but keep in mind that there is a lot of unjustice laced throughout this whole book and it is truly only David's perception. It should be located in the FICTION section of the bookstore. Fiction is defined as: 1. [n] a literary work based on the imagination and not necessarily on fact 2. [n] a deliberately false or improbable account. That is an accurate fit.< Less
  • By Kelli Toomey
    Jun 4, 2009
    "Amish Deception by David E. Yoder" This book is written from David E. Yoder's perspective. It must be kept in the forefront of the readers mind that it is ONLY *HIS* perspective and that although it sounds like he is truly a victims advocate - he is not. David changed the name of his family in this book to "protect the innocent" but in later chapters he named members of the Amish community who in his opinion were sex offenders and he had no rights to name them if they had not been convicted in a court of law. The murder of his neice that he writes about - claiming that his sister killed her - was investigated and found to be unsubstantiated. Those are not the only allegations that he makes which have been unfounded. This book is partly fictional. He is quoting conversations from 50+ years ago from when he was 3 years old. Who remembers conversations verbatim? He weaves a tale that tries to put him in a hero's light - but he is far from providing the help that he... More > claims he gives. David creates victims along his path to destroy the Swartzentruber Amish Culture. If you go to his website and comment in his forum and disagree with his views - he will block your account and pull the comments. David took it upon himself to post flyers to all of the neighbors of an Amish man who he wrote about in his book - claiming that this man raped his boys. Not only did David provide the community with the Amish man's name, address and date of birth, he also posted the alleged victims names, address, and dates of birth. So as a self-proclaimed victims advocate - you can see that he victimizes the alleged victims by spreading allegations throughout the community in which there were no legal convictions. My recommendation on this book is to not waste your money because much of this book has been found to be not true by the legal system and he should not be making money off of lies. He is currently under investigation by the FBI according to If David wanted to be a victims advocate and truly help the Amish - he should have stayed in the Amish culture and worked hard at becoming a bishop so he could have provided direct help to victims in that culture. But instead he trashes the culture and prefers the modern conveniences of the "English" such as cars, computers, telephones, etc.< Less
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