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  • By Dr. Louis Turi
    Feb 4, 2011
    Editorial Reviews from True feedback - Here's what those who read my books have to say about Moon Power Starguide! Request for Moon Power 2005 Request for the servicemen Hello, I have friends in Iraq, that I want to show the 2005 moon power. I showed them the 2004 moonbook and THEY WERE VERY SURPRISED, most of them planned by the book they could not belive it, can I get a copy of the 2005 moonpower so can give it to a few of my friends going back to Iraq.... One of my friend says it is a life saver, Thank you, Nick ************************************************ Understanding the Moon, December 17, 2002 Reviewer: A reader from Dallas Texas Understanding how the moon works on the human psyche opens the door to a deeper perception of the workings of the universal mind. Besides the forecasts, the book has many other useful and informative chapters too. Dr. Turi takes the moon's phases every few days, and bases his predictions on which signs the moon passes through. I have... More > bought this book in years past, and am constantly amazed at how accurate the predictions are. It took me a while to understand how it worked, but now that I do, I can see the events unfold on the news and in the people around me. I recommend this book to the spiritually minded seeker who wants to understand why things happen in life the way they do. I am learning so much about life. ************************************************ Dear Dr. Turi, God bless you - I love your Moon Power - Starguide, it is well written. It's out of this world! I thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Even my sons whose readings you did, are starting to ask me what planets are in control. Your friend, -Ellen Evanow ************************************************ The greatest book on psychic powers since Uri Geller! Dr. Louis Turi, is the greatest psychic since Nostradamus. Born in the French provincial countryside of Provence France, Dr. Turi has a unique insight into future events sure to affect us in the future. His "Windows" are mind-boggling feats of paranormal ability, whereby he accurately predicts events within a 24-hour window. And Dr. Turi is PRECISE - when he says an earthquake will happen somewhere in the world in any given month, you can bank on it. This book is a perfect reference for those fearful of Y2K problems. It also makes a splendid gift. Buy your copy pronto! Bravo, Dr. Turi, bravo. -Richard Helm ************************************************ Learning the implacable Universal Law. Dear Dr. Turi, Since being instructed by you on the positive & negative cycles of the moon I have endeavored to adjust my lifestyle to accommodate what I have learned. Case in point, Six years ago a drunk driver smashed into my truck. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but my vehicle was totaled. Over the years I have taken him to court numerous times with no positive result. After all the time and expense of pursuing the case I was seriously considering discontinuing my efforts to collect my court judgment. However, after learning the Universal Law I sent the defendant a diplomatic letter at the beginning of a new moon phase suggesting a new plan for payment. The incredible then happened, he called me. Keep in mind that this man dodged me for 6 long years, and I had since moved out of the state where the accident occurred. Thanking me for my time and patience, he assured me that payment would shortly follow and it did, in one lump sum. Needless to say, I am very happy especially since the dollar amount was in the thousands. I am convinced that utilizing the moon cycle was a contributing factor to putting this matter to bed. This is good stuff. Sincerely, -Kenn Hirschberg ************************************************ 100% Accuracy! Dr. Turi, Thank you, I got the reading and it is awesome. I have listened to you on Sightings and was always impressed by what you had to say. Your accuracy is 100% and it has given me much insight. The information will help me to go far. I have the 2000 Starguide and use it everyday. I read last night for 1-20 to 1-23 and many of the predictions came true. I have always paid heed to the new and full moon. My sister is wanting to get a reading done and can't wait as she has a deep interest in "true astrology" as I do. -Jason Honeycutt ************************************************ Simply Amazing! Dr. Turi, You are truly AMAZING! I did not miss that in my 99 starguide, or any of the other "right on" predictions... After your course Dr. Turi, it is easy to identify people's signs pretty much, I am so tuned to what I thought were habits but it is their placed planets that give them these qualities. Dr. Turi I placed a call last week to you about an order of some more 99 starguides and forecasts to see if they had been shipped, I believe I sent for them Jan 22nd, could you see if these are "in the mail", my friends love them, so I keep purchasing them...they are the best gifts anyone can give their friends....Thank you Again and again! ************************************************ He Predicted 9-11, December 26, 2001 Reviewer: A reader from St. Louis Mo. Here is his prediction for the full moon of Sept. from his book, Moon Power 2001. It was written almost 2 years before 9-11. He has all the energies in place. Middle East, aeronautic accidents, suicidal tendencies, religion, the government taking action, surprising explosions. *************************************************** Here's what readers have to say about The Power of the Dragon! The Power of the Dragon I found the Power of the Dragon to be quite accurate and insightful in its descriptions of each sign and it's positive and negative aspects. -Janet Cochrane *************************************************** Excellent and inspirational Not just an excellent book, but a guideline for life. -Amanda Rowe **************************************************** Divine Astrology: The Dragon's Head & the Dragon's Tail Dr. Turi's works are a guide for daily planning as well as planning in advance. I have contact with various types of astrologers and know that "Divine Astrology" offers a difference. He is not a "doom and gloom" prophet, and I have found his predictions to be very accurate. I especially plan travel around his advice. I recommend the knowledge he shares in his books to serious students and those just looking for a little guidance from the stars. -Martha Forrest **************************************************** Leah Overacker Dr. Turi has many fans and devotee's that follow his predictions in his yearly "Moon Power Starguides"... **************************************************** I know all about You What a great Book!!!! I have read it, studied it and applied the teaching for my family and friends. And they are astounded at the accuracy in which I describe their lives with uncanny accuracy. A must read if you want to know all about your friends. Keep up the good work Dr. Turi -- Alice Brooks **************************************************** I know all about You is about enlightened astrology for a confused world! Dr Turi is a revolutionist in astrology circles, precisely because he counters the daily barrage of 'prepackaged propaganda'& astrolooney tunes! When readers and critics realize and appreciate the magnitude of Dr. Turi's data base - the Nostradamus universe - then we begin to discern profound issues. To bring this point home, it's really like the difference between gourmet coffee and that good ole truck stop coffee sitting there half a day. I personally prefer gourmet coffee and pastry in form of intellectual & spiritual inquiry, aka I know all about You. but, when i need a restroom break off that info freeway i glance at the daily newspaper column for looney tunes astrology guidance and sip half a day old truck stop coffee & donuts (not too bad when you don't know anything else!) so, adventurous souls from the stars, before you return to those stars, read Dr. Turi's book with intuition and the grace of enjoyment worthy of gourmet pastry with gourmet coffee! Try it! enjoy it! -- Chief Sonne Reyna **************************************************** A must read for folks who want to understand their astrological signs and figure out the proper roads... Bonnie Lange -- **************************************************** Miracle encounter in Phoenix, I met Dr.Turi at the health expo in Phoenix Arizona toward the end of feb.2003;we chatted briefly in French and after i gave him my date of birth he MATTER OF FACTLY informed me of the IMMINENT DEATH of a VERY CLOSE PARENT and some ensuing possible LEGAL RAMIFICATIONS.Two weeks later my mother died in a hospital in Los Angeles CA.due to the Gross negligence of the Hospital and sure enough my siblings DEMANDED that i take action against the hospital as the ATTORNEY practicing in California. Today i would not undertake any new project,legal, personal, or otherwise without first consulting with Dr.Turi. Take my word for it,give Dr.Turi a chance and you'll never be sorry for it and what's more you may even ADOPT HIM like I DID! Caleb P.Leys esq. Caleb P.Leys esq. **************************************************** Amazing Experience: Having my chart done by Louis was so amazing how he could see everything about me from the stars. He was so accurate on things I already new about myself. I visit his sight regularly to keep updated in any future events he has predicted and to know about the moon each day to explain how and why i may be feeling a certain way. I recommend his books and any lectures very highly. Jackie **************************************************** Best reading ever, Working with Dr. Turi has been a life changing, very positive experience He understands the human life drama so very well and is able to reach deep into the supraconciousness of time and space to effect great healing, clearing of negative residue and help guide ones soul towards life, health and the Highest Divne Self. His work is so much more than simply astrology -he is among the great healers. He is able to see karmic patterns and point towards the higher road without instilling any fear or negative imprints. Rational and straight-forward, with seemingly limitless energy and enthusiasm. Provides highly detailed chart explanations. Excellent sense of humor. His careful attention to the Dragon will help you understand your life's lessons and, cultivate inner peace. I recommend his work very, highly. He is the real deal! Inner Peace, **************************************************** Dr. Louis Turi, I visit this website frequently. It is extremely informative and an interesting site for those who seek the truths of life. Dr. Turi does a fabulous job and shows his passion through this site. Nicole **************************************************** Super-Duper !!! Dr Turi's Immense and Vast Knowledge can clearly be seen by reading this Book.Dr Turi is also very clear,articulate and precise in his writing's,without beating around the bush.I was amazed to read soo many things abt my sign which were right on dot accurate.Dr Turi is also a very Loving and Light-Hearted person as I know him from our email exchanges. I Very Highly Recommed this Book. Shahid Hyder Khatai (INDIA) **************************************************** Nostradamus Divine Astrology Album Class, Do this course and stop wasting your time, energy and money! Dr Turi has created a great, accurate, affordable new experience for any student of astrology whether you are a proficient or novice student of the ancient cosmology school. The course is audio, very clear and revelent. You are placed in the first day of a class where you are learning with those of simular interests, while being in the comfort of your own home, office or other enviornment. This is discussion of griot teaching, where ASTROLOGY is freely spoken. Dr. Turi a native of France discusses the divine astrology used by ancient seers to counsel the aristocracy and nobility of those times. Nostradamus the great prophet used a particular system of which Dr. Turi is the expert for our times, (he is also a son of Provence, France the birth place of Nostradamus.) Learning by hearing, remembering, speaking the spiritual science of Divine Astrology, Astro Psychology, and the balance of the mystical path of the major and minor arcane known as tarot, Dr. Turi's students are being equipped with all the tools they will need to understand mysteries transformed into useful powers and practice. Sign by sign, house by house, relationship by relationship until the process of life, death and rebirth are well communicated, received and understood. You will find Dr. Turi ripping past the norm and opening your eyes to the reality that once looked only like a possibility. Reincarnation is discussed and Dr. Louis Turi discusses what progress is all about how the soul journeys and how karmic debt is collected or repaid. Fascinating lectures, additionally speak of the beastly powers of organized crime, government, media, religion, military, education and medicine and what you and I can do to bring enlightenemt, balance and harmony in spite of the chaos so many are living through to our lives. There is follow up by email, newletters, forum that help support your studies. Dr. Turi is also available for consultation in person and by phone. As you can tell I am a fan of this man and his work. The convincer for me came years ago as his observations and predictions came true as he spoke them for me at a program he did in Arizona back in 1991. Cest' magnifique! Dr. Cheryl Golden. **************************************************** Amazing site! Dr. Turi's practice and message are truely a force! I watched an interview he had on Tech T.V. I was interested in what he said about divine astrology. I looked at his site after the show and spent hours reading and exploring his work! I even purchased a life reading (worth every penny) and was amazed at what he had to say. If your into astrology, depth psychology, futuristic sciences and human wellness, take a look at Dr. Turi's site! Danielle ****************************************************< Less
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Startheme Publications, Inc.
February 18, 2011
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