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  • By Jessie Ray
    Jun 2, 2014
    This book....was amazing. It was completely well written and it's just marvelous. This book even changed the way I view life and the world around me. I interpret things better and I don't judge as much as I did seeing things in the point of view as the characters in this book. However, I've read the Frerard one and I'm not entirely finished with this amazing book. When I first began reading this book I instantly knew this was much more than a "Fan fiction". In fact, I was surprised nobody else knew of this book. I'm so happy that the author published this book because now the people who dislike My Chemical Romance can still get a chance on reading a book this well detailed and creative. Man, this book had me emotional. I'm just casually reading this in class and I start crying! This book is so well detailed that the reader can just FEEL the emotion. I recommend anyone who doesn't have a problem reading gay stories to read this. It's really just that amazing. I rarely say... More > this but this book was so captivating and astonishing that I'm surprised that a lot of people haven't read this book. I loved the description on the passion of the two lovers and how the author put well detail into each and every scene. This was, in fact, the best detailed story in the history of books, to me anyways. I've read a lot of books in my life time but nothing was as beautiful as this one.< Less
  • By Sami zuhdi awad husein
    Oct 28, 2011
    Of all the things I've ever had the opportunity to have on hands, this book is the most magic thing that i have. His maturity is demonstrated very intensely detailed in each line there. I read it when I was just a story of fiction about two guys that i love... and now is like a true history about love, art, and freedom. I think i'm free because of author. Evelyn's special. All my life, I never felt so much like a character, i'm Thomas, everyone is. We're Thomas because Evelyn set us free after TDK. He say "Go on! Go fly little dove!", He freed us to found one thing that we love, as Bernard found his art, and Thomas found his photography, like HIM found his writing. Eve have's a chapter in my book, the chapter? hm... everything. Sometimes i think the world going down, so i remember i have this book, and i read some quotes random that i see. And i have everything that i need to fly if my floor disappear. I'm a DOVE, and i never, ever, see a bird fall. You're a KEEPER, and i... More > never, ever, forget you, because you just have only one for all life. Eve thank you for saved my life with your art< Less
  • By C.T. Wilson
    Jun 20, 2011
    WOW, I can't wait to have a physical copy of this story on my bookshelf. I just spent the last 3-4 days of my life reading the Frerard version and adored it. I hate even calling it a fan fiction because it is better than that. I am SOOOOOO beyond ecstatic that she found a way to publish it. Can't wait to buy this. This is what I wrote about it, my thoughts and feelings, on the Frerard version, which I imagine is not much different from this one, because although based of two real ppl, they are not them. I just HAD to write down what this story mad me feel. Here is what I said: "I finally finished this absolutely fabulous story. I hate calling it fan fiction, because it is truly so much better than that. If there was ever a “fan fiction” that deserved to get published and be a real true story, it’s this one. First of all, I never had a problem with slash… or whatever the hell you want to call it. It’s a love story all the same, no matter who the pairing or what gender they are. Of... More > course, although these people I have been doing nothing but reading about the past three days may carry the names of two of my true idols in this life, Gerard Way and Frank Iero, but these people are not THEM. Their names yes, but characters all the same. Alternate Universe characters. However… the author did really capture and recreate their personalities and appearances as we the fans, know the real men. Well, LOL, at least in the ways that they let us hahaha. And obviously, though they have a certain kind of relationship on stage, and no matter how much we read fan musings about it, we all know that they are both married, with kids, and not gay. Although, I think we can all agree that like the characters in this story, they have no problems showing their affection for each other. LOL Anyway… I especially adored how the author captured an aging Gerard the artist. I truly can see the real Gee in this character, if he and Mikey never put together MCR. Although he is a frontman for a band, he is still an artist. Through bits and pieces, we have seen how he values life, and his ideas on truly living. So much of the real Gee was in this Gerard the artist. I think that, above everything else, is what I loved most about reading this story, and letting it own my life for the past 3 or 4 days. I, like so many other fans, feel like I owe him. He and MCR were pivotal in a time when I was my own worst enemy. And I would see Gerard, even an AU Gerard portrayed as a man that values and views life in that same way. But I think the most remarkable thing about this story, is how beyond POWERFUL it is. The messages. The truths that is teaches the reader. I may be only 25 years old, but I have still had my share of experiences. Times where I felt so utterly complete, and yet, also when I felt so desperately alone. I have been on my own. Lived for myself. And it was fucking hard. My family has been torn to pieces, and partly built up again. I have had to face and accept death. Not for myself, but for those close to me. And I have experienced what I like to think is freedom. At least in bits and pieces. And I like to think of myself as an artist. Still a learning one, but an artist none the less. My hands have found their rightful place. They are being used and worn in the right places. I know I have found what I should and need to be doing… even if I still have a lot to learn. There was SOOOOO much truth. And powerful truth at that, in this story. Although I have always liked to think that I viewed the world in a different way than most, as an artist, I know I haven’t been giving it enough time as I should. As I writer, I am a natural observer. But there is still so much I have to learn, and I know that. I don’t think I have ever been so INSPIRED to ever sit down and just write. Nothing in particular. But just sit and write until I can no longer move my hands. Honestly, as lame or even cliched as it sounds… this story helped remind me why I LOVE writing in the first place. Why I need to be a writer and why I love writing. Why I love art, and why I have dedicated to much of my life to it. And I honestly wish that I had a teacher like this Gerard the artist, even if it meant all the pain of letting them go afterward. I was jealous of these AU Gerard and Frank. LMAO that’s so pathetic. But I am. I really do hope that I will have someone like this in my life before my death. Not matter how painful the parting will be. Anyways… most of you probably don’t give a shit anything that I just said. But because of how insanely good, true, and fantastic this story was, I had to talk to all of you about it. These last 3 days I spent reading it, are some of the most enjoyable reading hours I have ever spent. And only with Harry Potter, have I spent so much time after finishing the story, just laying down, looking at the ceiling with tears running down my face taking in the ending. I truly adore it when a story invokes so many emotions like that in me. THAT is what storytelling is all about. It changes you. And it should. Everyone needs to read The Dove Keeper."< Less
  • By linneamarie11
    Jan 20, 2011
    I first started reading the Frerard version of this and it got to me. It changed how I look at a lot of things. I got more interested in art, I started actually noticing the small things like the clouds and other beautiful things you see everyday. It's the most amazing thing I've read and I love it to pieces.
  • By Ellery L
    Nov 12, 2010
    I longed for this to go to print since the day I first read it so, firstly, thank you. Secondly, this is a story with the most well-defined and lovingly invented characters. The ideas interwoven into the story about art, life, and relationships are among the best I've seen in a book yet. It asks questions without overtly pushing them, like the relevance of age in love. The idea of fidelity, and love that sees beyond that, are what sets this apart from any other story of this genre. Though I think the label of "Gay & Lesbian" doesn't do it justice. A story is, in its own right, a piece of art without being defined by its characters' sexuality. The plot develops quirkily and seems confined for a while in retrospect, but while reading it I didn't notice that, only focusing on the story as it unfolded. I found myself thinking "Yeah, I can understand Thomas", and there was a longing for more once it had ended, but the kind of whimsical longing. Like I didn;t really... More > want a sequel, only to know that the story went on after the book ended. Overall poignant, real and bittersweet. P.S. I like to think they still have those little plastic doves xx< Less
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Emily Edwards
July 5, 2011
Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink
Black & white
2.24 lbs.
Dimensions (inches)
6 wide x 9 tall
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