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  • By Brad Watson, Miami
    Aug 27, 2012
    I highly recommend this book. Ronald(6 letters) Wilson(6) Reagan(6) was the "1st Beast whose actions were the opposite of the Christ, he was ruler of the world, lied to all nations, and was wounded yet lived" - The Revelation Ch 13. Reagan was born on 2/6. Matthew 2:6, "for out of thee shall come a Governor, that shall rule my prople Israel" (KJV). 'Step 1' of any languages' gematria is simply counting the number of letters(7) in a name(4)/word/phrase and that number having a symbolic meaning, i.e. a(1), bi-(2), tri-(3), quad-(4), penta-(5), GOD(3): the Holy(4) Trinity(7), odd(3) & even(4). Jesse(5), David(5), Jesus(5), Cross(5), point(5). Liberty(7) Bell(4) & 7/4=July 4th. E PLURIBUS UNUM(13) is symbolic of the original 13 states. Plato said, "GOD is ever a geometer" which in Greek was 3,1,4,1,5,9 = pi. Besides Reagan 666 "1st Beast", George(6) Walker(6) Bush Jr.(6) was/is the "2nd Beast who imitated the 1st Beast, and made fire... More > come down from the heavens with the 'destruction of Babylon' (War In Iraq)". United(6) States(6) Dollar(6) is the "mark of the Beast that everyone must have to buy and sell with". The fact that this 6 letters per name is consistent with the "1st Beast", "2nd Beast", & "mark of the Beast" is recognition that it's the correct method. For more info, google: Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74) and/or 7 seals revealed beyond Einstein theories< Less
  • By Lynn Sorenson
    Oct 15, 2009
    "One man/God's ascension from flawed toward perfection" Reagan – ANTI-CHRIST starts out slow. The first chapter is filled with examples that Ronald Wilson Reagan (3 six letter names or 666) bore the mark of the beast and was the Anti-Christ. While devotees of this theory may enjoy all the replication of numerological evidence, to the average reader it is redundant, long-winded and often forced. The seven heads of state implicating the prophesied heads of the beast was fascinating, but much is just slow. Nancy Reagan as the whore of Babylon seemed irrelevant to the main story and seemed to serve primarily as a polemic against Mrs. Reagan’s “just say no” campaign, as Mr. Gordon, while advocating judiciousness, is definitely on the “just say yes” side of the drug issue. In contrast, I found the portrayal of Bush as the ultimate false prophet prophesied to follow the Red Dragon, or the Beast, as relevant to the Anti-Christ story. This, to me, was strong circumstantial evidence... More > that Mr. Gordon was on the right track with Ronald Reagan. Once Mr. Gordon gets beyond Reagan and into his own story, things pick up. I’m not here to argue the veracity of his claim to be the Second Coming, each reader must decide that for him/herself. But the means by which he developed the self-awareness, his incarceration both in jails and madhouses and his honesty in discussing both, provides a telling mixture of the myth of God/prophet intertwined with madman versus truthsayer. At times he turns to certain polemics that to me seem irrelevant – I personally could care less whether the Second Coming is gay or straight – but as someone who had a gay father, and almost married a gay man, I appreciate the struggle he faced between conventionalism and selfhood and am pleased that he found religious justification to substantiate his choice. For those of us not up on our Bible, the book also serves as an enjoyable refresher course of selected texts, primarily Old Testament, interestingly. He also detours into an interesting discussion as to whether he should claim himself to be Christian or Muslim, his concern being based on the Old Testament description of God, not New Testament, where both Gods, Christian and Muslim, are compassionate and, indeed, based on the same texts. After all, both are derived from Judeaism and Christ is a prophet in the Muslim pantheon. I also found it interesting to hear how many claimants there are to the position of the Second Incarnation, not to mention how many beast seekers there are. I remain confused as to how the Beast operates – there’s one Second Incarnation, but the Beast has been sighted throughout history – is he a case of possession, with numerology being the means of identification – or is there only one Beast and Mr. Gordon has identified him? Throughout all this what I found most engaging was Mr. Gordon’s humility in accepting his Godhood and his acceptance that some would see his claim as indication that he is the Beast. His recognition of the ambiguities goes far to make palatable his more outrageous claims. And he recognizes his humanity, not to mention allows for “God in all of us/all of us are God.” Mr. Gordon sums up with his vision of Utopia – a worldwide electric grid, banishment of poverty and illness, a clean environment, all wonderful things. Whether Mr. Gordon is what he claims or not, one must cheer him on in any attempts at notoriety he goes after, in order to further these goals. In summation, this book, while flawed, is an interesting, informative journey through one man/God’s ascension to his best self and bears reading by anyone interested in Armageddon and the Second Coming as it pertains to our life today.< Less
  • By Gregory Gordon
    Jul 10, 2007
    "Review of prior version of Ronald Reagan Anti-Christ" I found this review of my book in the ratings and review forum. I would just point out that Jesus said the penalty for calling someone a fool was much greater than that for murder. "I am probably committing LuLu suicide by doing this but here I go. I actually read this book. And actually, it is well written. It flows logically and is very insiteful. I have been a Christian for 14 yrs and find eschatology and interesting topic (end time prophesy) and have studied it intensly thinking myself as a lay scholar on the subjuct and quite knowledgeable at that. This is actaully a good book, but not for the reason that the author might think. I have never seen such a well written documentation of well, crazy, ever. It is put forth so ligicaly, soundly and convincingly. But you still know this is all crazy talk so it is extreemly compelling. If this were written in the first person, being from the point of view of a... More > deranged character I would consider it a work of a genius. And also, I have heard some great end time interpretations from ordained ministers that are almost as crazy, almost. As it is this book is a lesson on the inner workings of the mind and how a strange thought in one person can build into a whole belief system, documented point by point in crystal clarity. I would even recommend getting this book because from that perespective, the perspective of the voyuer into anothers mind, it is fascinatiing. It should become required reading for cult busters and the psychiatric community as a whole. And to the author. Don't give this book away for free. As a free critique, this is all I can offer if you want this added to you title." Harry Daniels author of "As Christ Was"< Less
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Gregory Gordon
March 18, 2008
Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink
Black & white
0.73 lbs.
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6 wide x 9 tall
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