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  • By David W. Gotch
    May 8, 2011
    Dear James, I just recently bought your book on 3D chess. I am just writing to thank you very much for writing the book. It is a very enjoyable book to read. And, I must say that it is about time that a great book on the subject finally came out. Most sincerely, David G.
  • By spasskyfan
    Mar 31, 2011
    Experts? Experts? Trimm is nothing more than a *fan*. And I hesitate to believe, after first announcing he's "writing a book" (Jan 24 2011), that publishing it a short time later (Mar 6 2011), possibly allows for "well-researched". (The "book" was slapped together with available internet materials in expedient fashion. Is there a Bibliography? Duh.) Petty points? Petty points? Let's see ... Raumschach (according to D.B. Pritchard) is "the classic 3D chess". And, Trimm *thanks* for supplying the Raumschach starting position, yet, all starting positions on CV for Raumschach are ... wrong. (Gosh! Really good research. Right?!) So Mr. Nalls, it seems also that your criticisms of Trimm's "book" are pretty petty themselves: (1) Lack of index?? On a "too-short" book?? Give me a break! (2) Lack of covering your weird variant?? Again, BREAK PLEASE!!) I'd like to point out, Trimm's inability to SPELL, is notorious for... More > anyone caring to do even a little Google research on him. (Oh sorry - I'm sure that is a petty point for a "book" author -- please excuse!) Another point: The book's "publisher" is identified as "The 3-D Chess Federation". Okay ... simple question: WHO is that?? Let's see ... TRIMM is "Moderator" of the Yahoo Message Group 3D-chess-federation, and also moderator of a Message Group by the same name on a Jewish website subspace. So ... let's see now ... WHO *is* "The 3D-Chess Federation"?? WHO does that represent?? ... Is it the members of the Yahoo Message Group?? Is it the members of the Jewish website subspace Message Group?? Did either of those Groups "publish" this "book"?? Huh?? That leaves ... Trimm! (So! ... "The 3-D Chess Federation" = JAMES TRIMM!! Gosh. That's news! Who annointed him such??) That doesn't seem just a little pretentious?? A little misleading?? A little self-serving?? A little dishonest?? Deceptive maybe?? A bit farcical?? Kind of tacky?? But I suppose that's not being reasonable, or fair, or factual. I suppose it is just "the hate" talking. (Yeah, right.) And Mr. Nalls, since *when* did "Star Trek science fiction book fans/fanatics dictate" (your word) to author Trimm, what his content must be?? (Gosh. Did the fans put a gun to his head?? How does that work?? Didn't Trimm say his "book" introduces (us) to the 3D chess world *he* has known?? What say you?!) And another question ... Since Trimm says he "introduces (us) to the world of 3D chess that (he) has known for over 30 years" including Star Trek 3D chess, ... has the author ever *played* the game? Under what rules? Does he have a gamescore showing he's played the game?? Even once?? What say you!? Please enlighten me.) Is Trimm going to now post another followup here, after copying/pasting your "review" from the Yahoo Group message board?! (Too funny.) REPLY to Trimm: Re-read my question. I asked if you had ever even played *one* game of Star Trek 3D chess, not Millennium. (Besides not being able to spell, can't you read either?) And about your comment you have "run" the Yahoo 3-d-chess Mesasge Group for 10 years ... You have not *run* anything. You are simply Moderator. (*Anyone* can be Moderator of any Group by just defining it. By "run", do you mean screen posts you don't personally like?? While using the Group to advertise your Jewish bibles??) You not only peddled your Jewish bibles on the Yahoo Group, but solicitied money handouts numerous times there to help pay your rent. (Any decent Moderator would forbid any type post not dealing specifically with 3D chess. Instead, you justified your posts on the basis you "owned the press" and could do anything you wanted! You also claimed a personal lawsuit levied against you for plagiarism was tantamount to persecution of Jews in Germany by Hitler! I see you also claim on facebook that the "3D Chess Federation" at the Yahoo Group is "the reorganization of the original 1915 3D chess club". Do you mean the Hamburg Germany club founded by Maack in 1919?! How can you make such scandalous claim?? On what basis?? Isn't that a bit delusional, do ya think?) But the claim fits nicely with your earlier imagination that a plagiarism lawsuit filed against you equates to "an attack on 3D Chess". Do you fancy you are some kind of reincarnation or re-embodiment of Maack's original Raumschach chess club of Hamburg Germany 1919? And so members of the Yahoo 3D Chess Group should "come to your defense" to "save 3D chess" from "persecution of Jews" like a reenactment of Hitler's 1940s Germany?! [Man!! - Again, don't you think that's a bit delusional?]) It seems there is no bound to your claims and imaginations. Tell me: Because you are Moderator of a Yahoo Group titled "3D Chess Federation", in your mind does that allow you to claim ownership of a "Federation"? And claim your book was "published by The 3D Chess Federation"?? To repeat an earlier question which you ignored, *who* is that?? What people does that publisher represent?? It seems to me, it is just *you*! (Another related question: Do you *also* fancy yourself as "President" of "The World 3D Chess Federation"?? Because I see in the Yahoo Group you twice announced intention to hold tournaments for "The World 3D Chess Championship"!! [Where do your baseless claims of self-authority & self-appointment *end*, Mr. Trimm??])< Less
  • By spasskyfan
    Mar 9, 2011
    This book smells of shoddy (or no) research. For example, in "Acknowledgements," is thanked for giving permission to use their "Raumschach starting position diagram." But, all the Raumschach starting position diagrams on are in error. And I have a question ... can this author spell?! (The aforementioned acknowlegement contains 14 words, and Trimm managed to misspell two of them!) And there are other problems apparent with this "book." (Like, the author's qualifications to write it, which seem to be zero. ["I have known {of 3D Chess} for over thirty years." Yeah like, me too! - join the club.] I could go on ...)
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March 21, 2011
Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink
Black & white
0.42 lbs.
Dimensions (inches)
6 wide x 9 tall
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