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  • By renee.neuville
    Jan 30, 2010
    Diana Inquest The Untold Story Part 1: The Final Journey John Morgan Diana Inquest The Untold Story Part 1 covers the essential evidence surrounding the final journey of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. The eye-witness evidence is analyzed in detail – “comparing what each individual witness has said against what other witnesses in similar or different locations have said”. In this gripping and scholarly study, the reader will discover with utter amazement how the law is twisted by unscrupulous lawyers in order to arrive at a pre-arranged verdict. The analysis reveals and exposes the corruption of the British justice system, and the ruthless methods used to hide the evidence from a highly manipulated jury and to prevent many witnesses and medical staff to be heard by the same jury, puppet in the hands of a coroner who is not impartial. This entire masquerade is to prevent a verdict of murder… When the evidence goes towards proving that the Princess of Wales and Mr. Dodi Al Fayed have... More > been assassinated by a sophisticated staged crash, the coroner simply undermines key witnesses by denying, twisting and distorting their testimonies. The verdict was: “unlawful killing, grossly negligent driving of the following vehicles and of the Mercedes.” However, the worldwide media performed the last twist by reporting that the jury verdict was “unlawful killing – grossly negligent driving of the paparazzi”. The words “following vehicles” (unidentified vehicles) were wrongly replaced by the word “paparazzi”, whereas the evidence showed that the paparazzi did not cause the crash! Still, the reader will not be deceived and will discover that “there is enough evidence within the pages of this volume alone to establish that a murder has been committed and a huge cover-up has taken place... because of the corrupt way in which the inquest was conducted”.< Less
  • By Ray Paul
    Oct 15, 2009
    "Diana Inquest" The six-month British inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed was never intended to uncover the truth - it was intended to bury the truth beneath a vast and bewildering mass of legal proceedings (much of it irrelevant), while the most serious allegations were left largely unexplored. The British Establishment wanted the "Diana was murdered" story to die, and the inquest was their attempt to smother it, once and for all. And with the aid of bored and sceptical journalists, who had mostly grown tired of "conspiracy theories," they almost succeeded. However, John Morgan's book forensically exposes the inquest for the elaborate sham that it was. He lists the key witnesses who never appeared, the huge amount of eye-witness evidence that was withheld from the jury (despite them asking to see it), the systematic bias of the coroner (who refused to call senior royals as witnesses, shamelessly twisted the evidence in his summing... More > up, and would not allow the jury even to consider a murder verdict), and highlights the numerous lies that have been told by the French and British authorities from 1997 onwards. Of even greater value is his analysis of the evidence that was heard, which shows beyond doubt that driver Henri Paul was closely involved with the secret services, that he was not "drunk as a pig" on the night of the crash (as the French authorities claimed), and that the vehicles which caused Diana's Mercedes to crash could not possibly have been driven by the paparazzi (because police evidence showed that none of the paparazzi were anywhere near the Alma Tunnel at the time of the crash, and none of the paparazzi at the Ritz that night had a white Fiat Uno). Indeed, the jury's verdict did not make any mention of the paparazzi at all, and they decided that Diana and Dodi had been "unlawfully killed," so why has the public been left with the mistaken impression that the crash was a mere accident, and that the paparazzi were to blame? Simply because the media (who were determined to find the paparazzi culpable) misreported the verdict, and even changed its wording in most of their reporting. So much for British justice, and for freedom of the press. The entire proceedings of the inquest are still online, and I would strongly advise readers of this fascinating book to check Morgan's assertions against the full transcripts on the Scott Baker inquest web site. He gives all the necessary dates and references, so don't take what he says on trust - check it for yourselves. You will find (as I have done, and I am an academic who followed the inquest very closely, day by day) that Morgan is meticulously accurate and reliable, unlike most of the media reporting, which was astonishingly uninformed and misleading. His book is detailed and technical, but it's worth making the effort to understand the evidence he presents, because by doing so you will appreciate just how disgracefully the media misrepresented what was actually happening at the inquest. A final point. The jury decided that Diana and Dodi had been unlawfully killed. In British law, this means that those who were responsible for the killing have committed a criminal act, and must be brought to justice. So why aren't the British authorities trying to find the guilty people? By the time you've read this book, you'll have a plausible answer: because the guilty people are MI6 agents, who caused a staged crash in the Alma Tunnel, and then relied on the British and French authorities (including Scott Baker himself) to cover it up.< Less
  • By Sharon Collins
    Sep 11, 2009
    "Re: Diana Inquest - The Untold Story" Agreed! Despite the efforts of the authorities in both Paris and London to have us believe otherwise, a lot of perplexing questions about these deaths remain. Voucher Codes UK | promo codes are great way to save your money when you shopping online.Such as NewLook Voucher Codes | Asda Voucher Codes | Tesco Voucher Codes | Adobe Coupon Codes | Expedia Coupons|Newegg coupon codes|Target Coupon Codes and Kohls Coupon Codes
  • By Anne Pledger
    Dec 31, 1969
    "Diana Inquest - The Untold Story" This is the first volume of a proposed trilogy that explores the British inquest into the deaths of the ex Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. I have read the book and have had the opportunity to read a pre- publication copy of the second volume also, and comment on both. The author has previously published a detailed critique of Operation Paget, the Metroplitan Police Service's investigation into the Alma tunnel car crash, and I would recommend anyone interested in the loss of Diana and Dodi to to avail themselves of that book as well. The book with approximately 500-700 pages per volume comprises of serious and often complex analysis and research. As such they are important and significant additions to the historical record. The strengths of John Morgan's writing is that he remains focused, is intellectually rigorous, perceptive, and keeps speculation within reasonable limits. He is also meticulous indeed forensic in his attention to detail.... More > His method is to allow the witnesses who did appear at the inquest to speak for themselves through the transcripts of their testimony under cross examination. He comments on what has been said and introduces evidence adduced from public records including the Paget Report to highlight inconsistances, ommissions, contradictions, evasions, misrepresentations and lies. Much was made of Royal butler Paul Burrell's self confessed perjury at the inquest, but Mr Morgan's painstaking analysis reveals the fact that many other witnesseses in this matter, including current and former officials, also lied under oath. These volumes, therefore, are useful resources for anyone with a private or professional interst in the detection of liecs and liars. Regarding assassination, the reader will come to their own conclusion. What I will say is that the facts and the evidence and testimony shown in these volumes are frequently disturbing. They are actually often sinister, and on occasions downright shocking. The consistent failures of the French authorities; administrative, investigative, forensic, pathological and medical, might lead the reader to conclude that France as a nation is constitutionally inept, but as the author explains cock-up and cover-up are often necessary bedfellows. The shortcomings and often bewildering and inexplicable conclusions of the official British police report, combined with the misrepresentation of testimony, the exclusion of key witnesses and witness statements and the suppression of documented evidence from the inquest, strongly suggests this to be the case. There is a demonstratably a cover up, and closing of ranks. Mr Morgan asserts that this cover-up was done to conceal murder. After assessing his evidence so far, my view is that the possibility of murder cannot be discounted. There may be other explanations for this subterfuge, which in itself shows the immense value of these books which assist the reader to form his/her own conclusion. Despite the efforts of the authorities in both Paris and London to have us believe otherwise, a lot of perplexing questions about these deaths remain. Having considered the mass of cogent evidence which Mr Morgan presents, the reader may reasonable conclude that the inquest failed in its primary duty to answer the key questions or at AT ALL. That appears to have been the intention from the beginning and it was on this basis that the jury was forced to return a verdict. A must read book. Annie Pledger< Less
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