Once upon a Time in Astrology

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Moon conjunct Eunomia in Corvus. Pallas in Delphinus. Eunomia transiting Chariklo in Lupus. Are these your natal positions?
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  • By Klaudio Zic
    Jun 13, 2010
    This futurity is for you! The New Age happens with the entrance of Uranus in Cetus. New Age as the ascending Era of Eridanus has its start in the second yeari of the venusian Age of Pegasus II as encapsulated within the solar Æon of Cetusii. Academic Zodiac, Eastern Ascendant set, Cartesian house system, dwarf planets, centaurs, RTRRT. First published by Klaudio Zic Publications, 2010, Copyright © 2010 By Klaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposes or otherwise, without the written permission of the Author. The names of dedicated publications are normally given in italics. NEW AGE ASTROLOGY FAQ From Coruscant to Naboo, this horoscope is for you. Copyright © 2010 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved. What is astrology? The basic initiation comes in the form of FAQ. Q Does the Sun rise at east?... More > A The Sun does not rise at east. Except on two occasions during the year, namely the equinoxes, the Sun never rises at east. This simple fact was probably unknown to people who naively assumed that the zodiacal constellations in their simplified form should rise at east; which leads us to the following question. Q Does the zodiac rise at east? A The zodiac does not rise at east. Mostly because the ecliptic does not rise at east, most of the zodiac never rises at east. The ascendant set is not the zodiac set. The precession of the ascendants has only occasionally to do with the zodiac. Q What rises at east? A While some zodiacal constellations occasionally do rise at east, whatever rises at due east has been known as ascendant set. This set presently consists in 16 constellations. Q Does the Sun determine the zodiac? A The Sun does not determine the zodiac. The sum of all planetary trajectories with the addition of the Moon determines the zodiac. Of course, the Sun participates in the definition of the zodiac, but not as definitive factor. Q What zodiacal constellations do we know of? A Among the 22 zodiacal stations, the most popular are those as visited by the Sun, 13 in all. Since the Sun brushes by 15 or even 16 zodiacal stations, the proposed expansion1 for the solar zodiac is 16. Most acceptable from the astronomic point of view is Sun in Orion. Q How do I predict my next marriage? A Basic astrology divination is learned by anyone in twenty minutes. As documented in 20 Minutes Astrology, one does not even need all the horoscope data in order to tell your next marriage in seconds. Q When can I start practicing astrological divination? A You can start divining right now or approximately in 20 minutes. These techniques are for everybody, especially people who are not into astrology at all. Divination takes a second as the calculations come naturally even in a child. Not even grade school required. Q How can I know my Sun-sign? A The national ephemeris by NASA are authoritative in that respect. You will find that the Sun is in Virgo for Halloween while in Libra on November 23rd, Sai Baba's birthday. Q How can I determine my ascendant? A Apart from the VIP services, the RTRRT initiate learns how to determine the true eastern ascendant. The eastern star is your guardian angel! Correspondence by e-mail for advanced initiates may include dedicated programs that enable the calculation of your true natal ascendant. The VIP services encompass a wide range of astrological reports for the incipient apprentice and expert as well. A standard example features the horoscope for Alice born with Moon rising in Cetus, Mercury in Sextans and Venus in Orion. AGES AND AVERAGES As the solar Æon of Cetus divesiii into the ascending New Age: Era of Eridanusiv, the venusian Age of Pegasus is exalted. The Ages of Piscesv and Aquarius are averages. The dawn of the Age of Aquarius happens in 640 years from the ascending Era of Eridanus or New Age, cradled in the venusian Age of Pegasus as encapsulated in the Æon of Cetus. ABSTRACT A)The zodiac has 22 constellations. B)There are 16 eastern ascendants for the present epoch. C)A total of 88 ascendants rises in a precession cycle. D)The meridian set is determined by due south. E)The northern constellations form a separate set. F)Every horoscope has six cardinal points2. G)Events are predicted3 by secondary angular direction4. H)The New Age happens with the entry of Uranus in Cetus. I)The encapsulation of the Ages follows the following pattern Cetus > Pegasus > Eridanus, where Cetus rules the Sun, Pegasus rules Venus and Eridanus stands for global ascendantvi. Thus, within the solar Æon of Cetusvii, two venusian Ages appear along with the global ascendant sliding into Eridanus. PUBLICATIONS SEARCH TIPS The Academic Zodiac and RTRRT were documented through a vast body of publications. The RTRRT materials nevertheless distribute themselves around a standard core, meaning that every RTRRT publication is essentially self-sufficient. Nevertheless, due to the vast body of over 4500 (sic) dedicated publications on , suggestions and tips are due as follows. a)In our experience it is useful to know one's own futurity5 but designing its manifestation presents itself as an even much more productive activity. The Real Time Reality Rendering Tools were designed to help you plan6 and manifest7 any event even within fantastic five minutes8. b)As concern the RTRRT materials, one could start with O5 Initiation9. The next step could be Cascade, often as integrated within the RTRRT publication itself. The Personal Cosmic Secretary would present itself as the next self-initiation. O5 and Cascade are simple Instant Magick techniques while the Personal Cosmic Secretary10 presents itself as a set of techniques. The upgrade from the PCS would be the Spiral Trees. Note that all the RTRRT encourage planning, diarizing and ethical experiment. Thus, Aladdin XI presents itself as a special set of O5 techniques for the advanced Instant Magician. c)There are several types of RTRRT publications that were designed in order to satisfy the general reader but also a most fastidious explorer of the occult. Matrix Hacking figures as bestseller. Reboot and Integer offer perhaps the most integral version of the RTRRT. Magic Wand was designed as a compact form of Cascade. d)There is a vast body of publications for every conceivable item as concern the RTRRT11 and especially the modern astrology as based on the Academic Zodiac. The best way to search for these publications is to use the internal search on , although search engines like can be considered with advantage. In order to obtain the best results from the search engines, it is sometimes useful to apostrophe the inquiry such as “Klaudio Zic Academic Zodiac”, '88 Ascendants Klaudio Zic' or 'Klaudio Zic RTRRT'. e)Here is an example. One attempts at retrieving the original Eris12 publications. As there are some 6 Gigabytes of Eris material, one would wish to systematically browse through the August 2005 materials13. That can be done by reaching the very first series of Eris publications by clicking the numbers that appear at the bottom of the page. However, if one is after a specific publication, one would type e.g. “Klaudio Zic 2003 UB313 Synastry” where 2003 UB313 stands for Eris14. f)The astrological publications originally pertain to one of the following categories. The Academic Zodiac is the basis for all interplanetary communication in an Observer of Times. The local zodiacs were documented in Planetocentric Astrology. Among the 88 Ascendants, there are 16 Eastern Ascendants for the present epoch. g)Special care has been given to the Dwarf Planets in the 7th House15 of the horoscope. The Centaurs in Magick manifest as Centaurs in Love. h)A vast array of classes of objects has been presented to the astrology fan. These are enlisted within the Services for the Astrologers document. i)Recommended self-initiation literature would include a good RTRRT initiation such as Integer or Reboot, the basis of the Academic Zodiac and 16 Ascendants in astrology. j)From Eris in Synastry to Pluto in Coma Berenices, one integrates the basic assets of modern astrology. Surely, one will be interested in knowing all about one's natal Sun-sign before plunging into the vast world of dwarf planets. Therefore Sun in Orion will precede Sun in Sextans. The national ascendant of the U.S.A.16 will precede the 9-11 series17. The Secret Mansions of the Moon will include Moon in Auriga. The Special zodiacal positions of Venus will feature Venus in Pegasus. The effects of the Age of Cetus will funnel through Uranus in Cetus. k)Besides Uranus in Cetus, the year 2012 has been documented through many an apocalyptic document as featuring giant comets, jihadic dwarf planets and WW3. l)If diligent search fails, one can mail the Author. The mail address is given below. Every customer, donor and VIP initiate is entitled to the Author's mail address. TO BE CONTINUED Thanks to the Academic zodiac, your true natal skies open18 many wonders for you! Your first step towards your true natal skies was probably marked by finding out your own true Sun sign. It wasn't an easy find at all! You had to cut between pseudo-sidereal-tropical-starsign-whatever nonsense in order to reach this page. You have personal power if your read this! Finally, you are in possession of an authoritative ephemeris for your own natal Sun. Now that you know your true natal Sun sign, what can you do further? Here are some suggestions in order to help yourself to higher attainment as free stellar being19. a)Follow the Planet Log series in order to find and make use of the opportunities as afforded by the special planetary positions20. The April 2010 Planet Log features a Low Moon in Sextans and Corvus that is of great interest to traders21. Get the details by downloading the latest Planet Log. b)Browse the site for publications of interest22. c)Download the free VIP catalog from the site d)Select the service that makes for you. Require custom reality rendering. e)Learn how to create any future at will instead of subduing to circumstances23. Our VIP services contain RTRRT24 initiation. Render your own reality in real time now and forever. KID STUFF Anyone can be taught how to divine any future issue in minutes. It takes less than half an hour for just anyone to get to know basic astrological divination. Thus; the kid, florist and butcher will tell the date of your next marriage in seconds. They are not especially bright at all, neither they fancy themselves “astrologers”, nor they had any lengthy training in the art of divination. They learned the trick in half an hour, that's all, and so can you. Just grab your copy of 20 Minutes Astrology in order to start divining right away. MARRIAGE ASTROLOGY Divination requires no pen and paper, ephemerides, not even a complete natal data sheet and surely no computers at all. In order to hide their incompetence, the asinine have surrounded themselves with computers they can not use, along with ephemerides which produce mangled positions of the planets along with positively false tables of ascendants. They fog your true mind with irrelevant talk about transits, retrogrades and Chiron. These are sorrowful remnants of a wannabe astrology. In order to divine you would not use transits as even kids25 know better. If you can know all the loves in her life by heart before any computer boots, why use a computer at all? 11 NON-RISING ASCENDANTS FOR THE CURRENT EPOCH The ascendant set is always measured at due east. There are 16 ascendants rising at east for the present epoch. The ascendant set was measured for different epochs as well, as published along with the appropriate results26. In summing up, there are 88 ascendants in a precession cycle. At the present epoch, the following zodiacal constellations do not rise at east: Scutum, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Pegasus, Aries, Auriga, Gemini, Cancer, Crater, Corvus and Libra. Note that ex zodiacal constellation, Serpens, is a P-zodiacal station, and thus workable ascendant in some cases such as for Italy and the U.S.A. At any epoch, non-zodiacal constellations can rise at east. Also, the local and planetary zodiacs feature separate ascendant sets along with appropriate delineation. Taurus is rising only for five minutes at east in a daily cycle. In the next cycle, Venus rises in Pegasus at east. DEFAULT EGO Astrologers know that they never worked with the real planetary positions. They tell you that they don't and both you and them do not care. Why should you care about your true natal horoscope? Any printout as thrown your way will do. You never had any purpose at all, true life purpose including. As if you were not mixed up already with whatever nonsensei they call western, they gave you more confusion in offering a shift: the sidereal horoscope. This horoscope has nothing to do with the real skies and is sidereal by name only. Such tricks are played upon the innocent mob that is in fact not innocent at all as in supporting fraud default mind wants to be cheated upon. Default ego was installed for that purpose. It not only cheats upon you according the initiative by the viceroy of the planet, but also makes you crave for more two-timing, more self-betrayal, more cheat. GLOBAL EXORCISM How does default mind act? As default mind is not your own original mind at all, it addresses itself as “social”. It does what it is told since it tells itself what to do. It will command and use social resources. There is no individuality in this mind. It speaks of unity, common purpose and even mass ascension on order to screen your original mind from your sight. In the present Æon of Cetus, default mind has practically overthrown True Mind. In order to make humanity weak, the inorganic pest has commanded socialization. The devil is a social being, having no mind of its own. One mind for all. Universal mind, unity of unpurpose27, sharing and social networking make for a downfall in individualization. As the devils are more of less all the same, so their slaves must align. REPEATERS How many times you were bored by pseudo-astrological nonsense like the twelve rising signs, an alleged “void of course” Moon or Mercury retrograde? The only thing void of course out there were the default minds of pseudo-astrologers of the past. Both sidereal and tropical and whatever astrology were produced for idle entertainment in the recent past, when people knew very little of the skies at all. They were still firmly grounded in Flat Earth theories and the twelve zodiacal ascendants. When the Earth was flat, their Sun stood in Aries forever; as they had no precession in their false skies. They believed that the Sun rises at east! Well, it surely does not. In conclusion, the fanciful 12 rising zodiacal ascendant never rose at east, at least not in your own natal sky. In order to hide their incompetence, the pseudo-astrologers of the past had recourse to a growing variety of tricks meant to obscure the central truth: they never knew where their natal Sun was in the first place! In order to make lack of knowledge “official”, they even produced programs that output false planetary positions. They often spat on their own authoritative national ephemerides in inventing a skies of their own as if unpatrolled by NASA. But your real natal skies were always there for you, no matter how many distortions were imposed upon your natal chart and resulting karmic futurity. Even as rudimentary planetarium, below the heap of nonsense as produced by toy programs there if of course mother NASA. Klaudio Zic The Academic Zodiac & RTRRT are Copyright © 1981 - 2010 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved worldwide. Redistribution of this file in any form is violation of the Copyright Law. This copyrighted material has been previously published as available from< Less
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