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  • By Ross Norton
    Apr 5, 2011
    Reading “Mother is Different” must be what it’s like to drink a beer with Ron Stokes. Actually, it’s more like having three good beers with Ron Stokes, and probably … I don’t know … maybe five light (sorry, “lite”) beers with Ron Stokes. You know how you can drink a beer and then leave? Or drink two, and then leave? But how when you drink three, you don’t want to leave? And how is sucks if there are only three beers and you have to stop anyway – you know how that is? That’s how it is to read “Mother is Different” – like drinking three good beers and then suddenly it’s over and you have to stop but you’re not ready to stop. I wish Ron would write another book. Five … heck, make it six beers’ worth. I’m not driving.
  • By Debi Adam
    Mar 22, 2011
    This book is laugh out loud funny. If you liked the Wonder Years, you'll love this book. A hearty slice of Americana served up with a side of humor and a shot of sarcasm. Easy read! I couldn't put it down once I started. You will definitely like this vivid trip down memory lane!
  • By Kent Vreeland
    Feb 16, 2011
    I have a stack of half-read books by my bed. Not that the books were bad mind you, it's just that I am way too impatient to read an entire book unless it is truly amazing. I find myself reading halfway through, putting it down, and then never returning to it. While Stokes book was a short read, I found myself wanting more, much more! The book was thoughtful and touching, but it was also very funny. Stokes has a great sense of humor! Being the same age as Stokes, as I read the book, I found myself drifting back into the 70's and remembering many funny, and not so funny, things I had completely forgotten about. Thanks Ron for jogging my memory! I know there has to be many more stories to include in Mother is Different and Other Family Secrets "Part Two"...I really hope that Stokes will continue the saga with another book.
  • By jennymcclain
    Feb 7, 2011
    A hilarious, literally laugh out loud collection of memories so well crafted and delivered you don't even notice you weren't actually there. Though stacked with laughs, this book is also a pleasantly revealing, poignant, and expressive reflection of a unique life in the most unique of times. I'm hoping Mother is Different and Other Family Secrets is the prequel to Stokes' next masterpiece. This book was a delightful and entertaining tapestry of experiences-- like a Wonder Years meets Brighton Beach Memoirs meets Almost Famous meets Forrest Gump (b/c of the time frame, not b/c Stokes in anyway phsically or mentally resembles Forrest Gump- though Forrest always does have the last laugh and ends up the gazillionaire so maybe....) meets Stand By Me meets The Coen brothers. Keeping my fingers crossed for that last one come movie time :) At least we know the movie will DEFINITELY have an awesome soundtrack. Bottom line?? Buy this book. Now. As in yesterday. For yourself and for a friend.... More > Spread it like wild fire to ensure the highly anticipated sequel!< Less
  • By bekinab
    Feb 4, 2011
    If a book fully captures my attention, and has me wanting more by the last page, it must be good. There's no need to go in detail as I believe that every person reacts by crying, chuckling or laughing out loud at different moments whether it's watching a movie, play, comic or reading a book. I will, however, say that Mr. Stokes has caught on to something special. Most of us have family members who have made us cringe, question, laugh inside and out, but haven't dared to put pen to paper. Looking forward to future tears of joy from Ron!
  • By richmanr
    Jan 30, 2011
    Having read the already posted reviews of "Mother Is Different and Other Family Secrets" by Ron Stokes, it almost feels like being part of a Friars Club Roast. Not that he doesnt deserve to be roasted....He does!!! I laughed out loud in many spots and it forced me to recall many deeply hidden memories of school and living on Long Island. Recalled people that I hadn't thought about in so many years. This was a great read and I hope for more stories and more detail from Ron in his next effort, soon.
  • By sarahshort37
    Jan 26, 2011
    I work full time and have two small children at home. Any book that can hold my attention for more than 5 minutes must be a good read. I really enjoyed this book and think Ronnie is a super swell guy. Buy it!
  • By lgrazzi
    Jan 25, 2011
    By Laurie Ferber-Graziano ...Ron ( Ronnie ) Stokes new (and only) book "Mother Is Different and Other Family Secrets" is a surprisingly funny and witty read (since I really didn't know him that well in school.) I do remember the Korean jacket though. Thought he looked really cute in it, but do not think he remembers me from school. Although my friendship with Maryann (Italian last name) might have helped. Seriously Ron, your book was GREAT! So funny and yes, brought back my own memories of that time in my own world. You are a great story teller and should write a sequel. Thanks for writing this, I really enjoyed it.
  • By leahyc
    Jan 19, 2011
    RON STOKES IS NO STEPHEN KING--- Perhaps I should amend that opening a bit if for no other reason than to more clearly illustrate for the readers of this review why authors like Stokes and King would remain polar opposites taking station within the realm in which all writers reside, both the pipsqueak and the giant. It’s always about one’s orientation, reference, and point of view. If I stand next to King, Stokes is a grain of sand on a distant beach on a distant planet in a distant solar system. One’s observations are dependent on where one happens to be standing. Please allow me explain further. Ron Stokes and I are friends. In fact, I believe that we are better friends now than we were at our “high school of origin.” We ran in similar circles, sat in similar places, survived similar adventures and, after reading the author’s first literary creation, have discovered that we had far more in common at that time and place than we could have known. It might also be easy to suggest we... More > thank God that Ward Melville High School and the Three Village School System graduated at least a few who could read and write, but I would be joking at our former teacher’s expense. Nor would that statement be accurate. I am an Instructional Systems Designer and a Learning & Performance Consultant for the federal government. I was selected for this position because my resume’ contains a history of relevant accomplishments which would suggest that I’m pretty good at this kind of work. One of those accomplishments included a number of years spent on the faculty of a small Virginia college. I was a professor-instructor-teacher in their English Department. See where I’m going with this? I have seen, reviewed, graded, critiqued, examined, dissected, and corrected hundreds, if not thousands, of literary works. Poe, Shakespeare, Faulkner, Capote, Tolstoy, Lewis, Fitzgerald and Twain (just to name a few) have been read and written about by my former students. I’ve developed a fairly good system for evaluating an aspiring author’s work. I did so with Ron’s work. He asked for it, so I won’t ask him if he minds… I could, no doubt, write a page or two about this work from both a corrective and an inquisitive teacher’s point of view. I won’t bore you any further than I already have, but I will offer a suggestion from a learned point of view. Buy this book. Without being fully aware of its appeal to a large audience of “boomers” from the Long Island and the Three Villages, this work will also appeal to boomers across the country and around the world. We were there then, we lived it, experienced it, survived it, and now, we reminisce and ponder its meaning to us now as we embrace the thought of our own approaching mortality. Each of us has a story. Few of us have the courage to place our story and that part of ourselves on the altar of criticism and judgment. I, for one, am glad that Ron did. I’m glad that he did not outgrow that particular reckless behavior. Now travel with me to a distant beach, on a distant planet, in a distant solar system. You’re standing next to Ron Stokes and trying to see Stephen King. Now he is very small and Ron is the giant. It all depends on where you’re standing when you make those observations. As Ron alluded to in his book, Mickey Mantle may not have been your idea of a role model, but he certainly was a hero. So is Ron Stokes. If you were born between 1946 and 1964, you’re a boomer and are responsible for redesigning our society as we passed through it. We continue to do so. Keep writing about it and us, Ron. You’re very good at this. Come to think of it and from where I’m standing, Stephen King is no Ronnie Stokes either… At least I got it---< Less
  • By Rhonda Stokes
    Jan 18, 2011
    I know what you are thinking ... Ron's wife will give her husband's book a great review. Well, you are right. However, I would like to tell you why this is such a funny book. I can honestly say that I have heard these stories countless times for the past 22 years. When I read the first draft, I knew how the story ended just by reading the chapter title. So imagine my surprise when I laughed until I cried as I made my way though the book. That's when I knew Ron was onto something good. If I can genuinely laugh at the same material I have heard for over two decades, then I think you will like it too. I am a huge David Sedaris fan and I immediately thought of his work when I read Mother Is Different and Other Family Secrets. It's about everyday life, good and bad, happy and sad, presented in a way in which we can all relate.
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Ron Stokes
January 24, 2011
Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink
Black & white
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6 wide x 9 tall
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