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Love in Five Acts; A Study of the Song of Solomon By Marvin McKenzie
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For approximate twenty five years now, the focus on most studies of the Song of Solomon has been on the relationship between husband and wife. Some teachers have gone so far as to imply it is heresy... More > and abusive to the Bible to teach any other application for it. Previous to that, however, most Bible preachers and teachers taught that the Song of Solomon represents Christ's love for His church. This book reaches back to those less modern students of the Bible and applies the Song of Solomon to Christ's relationship to believers. The Song of Solomon is seen as a drama having five acts, each one presenting a different phase in the growing relationship between Christ and the believer.< Less
Hearing God’s Voice: How Hearing God Will Cause You to Live Victoriously By Kehinde Adesina
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Do you desire to hear the voice of God clearly? Do you want God to give you wisdom for just about every area of your life and every decision you have to make? If these are the desires of your heart,... More > then hearing God’s voice will become real in your life. The Heavenly Father is not far away; rather He is right here waiting for us to call out to Him. And when we do, we will hear His voice speaking directly to us. God is always speaking, and it is up to us, His chosen generation, to hear and obey His words. This book will remind you of who God is and who He wants to be in your life. You will learn how to be sensitive to God’s Spirit, what the Obstacles are to hearing God’s Voice, the Consequences of failing to hear God when He speaks and the importance of hearing His Voice.< Less
Peck's Harmony of the Gospels - A Color-Coded and Chronological Gospel Harmony from the King James Version Bible By Josh Peck
eBook (ePub): $7.95
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Be ready to experience the Gospels like never before! The idea behind this Gospel Harmony is to blend the four Gospels into a single, coherent, and chronological narrative. This provides a clearer... More > picture and appreciation for the life of Jesus; what He did, when He did it, and what it means for all of us today. This Gospel Harmony is a wonderful tool for personal study and enjoyment of the first four books of the New Testament taken from the King James Version of the Holy Bible. In the past, there have been many wonderful attempts at harmonizing the four Gospels. There are many features of this Gospel Harmony that are not found in any other: Color-coded text instead of parallel columns for a great reading experience; Chronological order; Verse number included for every verse; Chapter and verse number references for every time the Gospel or section changes; A Table of Contents of large sections in the front of the book; A Table of Contents of small sections in the back of the book; And much more!< Less
Decoding Doomsday - The Quest to Discover the Date the World Ends By S. Douglas Woodward
eBook (ePub): $8.95
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Do Megalithic Monuments and Books of Ancient Wisdom Predict When the World Will End? Humanity has a rich history of attempts to identify the final day of time. There is a common thread running... More > through all the stone monuments of the ancients, the crop circles on display in southern England, the writings of Nostradamus, and certainly the great mysteries of Bible prophecy. It is a shared sense of dread that our demise is imminent. From Plato's Atlantis to the I Ching, from Planet X and the Kolbrin Bible to the Book of Revelation and the Prophet Daniel; many sources are cited that predict humankind's last day. What can we learn from all these attempts to Decode Doomsday? In this book, the author provides an encyclopedia of the most famous attempts to predict doomsday and the most noteworthy prophets attempting to do so. Flying in the face of the common perspective, the author argues that the attempt to discern Doomsday is neither folly nor paranoia, but can be in fact a healthy preoccupation.< Less
Where Did That Come From By Victoria Thomas Poller
eBook (ePub): $8.00
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A book of many short thoughts and stories that will cause you to ouch, amen or Mmmmm. But throughout you will be pleasantly surprised and inspiredl
Things Don't Just Happen By Robby Stephens
eBook (ePub): $4.99
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Do things happen by chance Or do things happen for a reason Google the latter question and you will find 27,500,000 results! If you have ever questioned the events of your life, one glance at... More > the blogs or postings from this query will indicate that people of all backgrounds and motivations have an inner desire to know the truth. Sometimes it is difficult to determine the events in life that are intentional and those that are merely chance. Each chapter in this book tells a different real-life story of "coincidence" and relates it to the design of God and His message to us in the Bible. Regardless of your age or state in life, this refreshing view of life offers relief and encouragement to those who want more assurance than simply the "luck of the draw". The author, Robby Stephens, was inspired to create this book after years of believing that life was just a roll of the dice; sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.< Less
Baptist Church History: A Survey By Marvin McKenzie
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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A series of simple and short lessons covering the history of churches from the time of Christ to present.
Faith By Steve Gates
eBook (PDF): $1.80
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Faith is full of my faith poems that i have written over the years.My Faith is very important to me and I hope these poems demonstrate what faith means to me.
A Scriptural Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary By Holy Mother Church
Paperback: $9.42
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A method of praying the Mysteries of the Rosary using short scriptural sentences. In English (Authorised Version translation). Also includes instructions, the Litany of Our Lady, and additional... More > devotions.< Less
My 60 Day Journey By Melanie Wilson
eBook (PDF): $3.90
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60 days of inspirational writings that will help you grown closer to Christ.